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Recently, I eloquently persuaded a friend to take a 21-day yoga challenge.

We’re already on day eight, and I just feel amazing! Not just because of the benefits of yoga, but because I am living out a goal that I had for my physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

There’s really nothing more satisfying than self-evolution, self-actualization, and self-creation.

What happens to so many people is that they feel some pain, or they feel a need, and they want to fix something like their health, their social life, or their dating life, and they don’t take any action.
Maybe they get the ball rolling and do a little research, and they might even contact some people, yet they don’t follow through with the contact.

Or they try a little, and have one bad experience, and then they drop out.

I’ve seen it happen many times. Guys come to me, contact me, and then they don’t follow through. Or, they contact me, and they do one or two sessions, and then they disappear. Or they took a bad boot camp with somebody else, and they gave up on themselves. [click to continue…]


Lifestyle Series: Creating A Social Network – The Dinner Party!

Flirting and being social is so much more than just meeting someone to hookup with or finding someone to be your new “boo”. Its about making great friends, building new relationships and having awesome conversations. In this video I tell how to create a social network by throwing a dinner party!


Core Attraction: The Key Is Vibrant Health


If it didn’t live or grow…Don’t eat it!

That was great advice given to me by Jeffrey Rose, the world famous hypnotist.  If it didn’t live or grow, don’t eat it.

So, if it didn’t grow out of the ground, it’s not worth eating, and if it didn’t live, if it wasn’t wild and caught and literally lived a life, not in a cage being fed antibiotics and hormones, it didn’t live. That’s just not actually alive; that stuff is poisonous and toxic.


So if you’re going to eat meat or fish, it’s got to be a former wild animal, wild caught.  And of course, that’s difficult to get.  You won’t get it at almost any restaurant and you won’t get it at Subway.  You can get them in the organic section of the supermarket, and you can get them in Farmer’s markets; places like that.  And you have to educate yourself on the difference.

So this is the thing about food.  You have to look at it as a lifestyle choice.  It’s not, I’m going to get skinnier one day; it’s all about feeling amazing, vibrant health.  So if you get locked into calling yourself a certain kind of a diet; I’m the South Beach Diet guy, or I’m the raw food guy, or I’m the Paleo guy, or I’m the Body for Life guy, or I’m this diet, then you’re already in a dogmatic path which is most likely destructive because the diet becomes more important than the end goal.  And the end goal is vibrant health.

When you have vibrant health, you feel amazing feelings. [click to continue…]


Drop The Agenda and Watch The Magic

The Agenda ridden mind has no peace. Most guys deal with women as means to an end. What end? To have their ego temporally fed. To be validated in some way. Even when they get it is fleeting.

It’s so important to drop the agenda and learn to follow your natural instincts to connect with a women and appreciate. In this video I shed some light on how to drop it and what magic happens when you do.

You will find its relieving to just Be; to just be human. You will discover what it really means to connect with a women. You will tap into a natural playfulness and curiosity. Finally, you will stop seeking her approval and therefore be the real you.


Is Your Life Like Being John Malkovich?


In Being John Malkovich, a shy man goes out and tries to express himself by becoming a puppet master.  He’s the master of all of the puppets, but with people and with women, he can’t assert himself in any way.

And then somehow he ends up inside of John Malkovich’s head to get close to the woman he loves. He spends his whole life stuck inside someone else’s psyche and he can’t express himself, and he can only ever see the woman he loves, and never say or do what he wants.

Is your life like being John Malkovich?

You constantly get friend zoned, you constantly stand in front of a beautiful woman being treated like another woman instead of being treated like a man.

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Be A Present Tense Person

Super Attraction comes from being present.  The more present you are the more attractive you are.  You become free, light hearted, playful, devil may care, and detached from any outcome.  The way to becoming great at meeting women in everyday places is to practice being present tense all the time.  In this video I take you there…



The Right Way To Flirt With The Waitress or The Shop Girl

Every Guy Wants to date the beautiful waitress or the cute shop girl who is being friendly while she helps him pick out clothes. How can you tell if she is just being nice? How can you move the conversation beyond todays daily specials? How you can actually get personal and make a real connection without forcing it or becoming a dancing monkey.. In this Video I will teach how to subtly connect with her and get to know her outside of her job.


Practicing The Power Of Now (The Social Practice)

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is perhaps the most profound book ever written.
It’s all about how to become one with the present moment, how to live life to its fullest, and to its richest.

He teaches us that by letting go of past stories and future projections we can learn to be exactly where we are when we are there. He shows a way to bring stillness into our lives.
Imagine if we could become fully present wherever we were, at any time we wish, with whomever we are with.We could elevate ourselves in the social realm to new levels we never thought possible!


Imagine being social as a spiritual practice, as a way to meditate. Imagine being social not only as a way to connect with other human beings and fulfill your worldly desires like sex, love, intimacy, and friendship, but as way to become more present.

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Wake Up! What Tinder Is Really Doing To You

Tinder and other dating sites have made many men docile and given them a way to avoid directly dealing with themselves. They offer a delusion where you have infinite possibilities and yet really hardly any. They keep you stuck from actually developing yourself and meeting the women you are really attracted too.  In order to really become who you are you must learn to take real risk and transcend limits and fear.  The dates most people go on off the internet are like eating a meal that stuffs you but doesn’t actually feed you.  The entire system is based on the outcome and not on self development.


The Opposite Sex is Not Your Enemy or Your Opposite

It’s been going on for a long time. It’s like we’ve been hearing phrases like, “the battle of the sexes” forever.

Lately, it’s come even more into our everyday lives; it’s men versus women and women versus men. Men are out to get women, and women are out to get men. Separating us and dividing us all because of a small chromosomal difference. It seems marketers and politicians are dividing us all for their own short-sighted agendas. One is evil and one is good. One is the prey and one is the hunter. One is a bad boy and one is a good girl.

All these labels are stopping us from really being who we are and from really connecting.

Just one more thing to separate us. Just one more thing to divide us.

One more thing to bring hate into our lives.

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