The Essence of the Ladies Man

A Lady’s man doesn’t have a single type.

Blonde hair, blue eyes, black hair, olive skin, he’s attracted to all types.

He’s attracted to tall women, shorter women, thin women, fuller women.

He loves women. He loves their essence.

He loves their femininity, he follows it, he breathes it in, he lives off of it.

He doesn’t …

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The Tale of Icy and Sot: A Secret of The Universe

The Tale of Icy and Sot

“Two men look through bars. One saw the dirt, and the other saw the stars.”-Dale Carnegie

Where’s your vision focusing?

Where would you like it to be?

I’m walking down the street here in my favorite neighborhood, SoHo, enjoying some of its many paintings on walls, a.k.a. street art. One of them that always strikes me is on the corner of Sullivan and Prince.

It’s called Icy and Sot.

It’s got a painting of an adolescent, who looks real nerdy, and he’s got a pair of glasses on. His glasses, however, have two DO NOT symbols slashed across them. Everywhere he looks he sees through the eyes of fear.

photo 1

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NY Times: One in 8 Million “The Ladies Man” John Keegan

5 years ago the NY Times did this Poetic and Timeless story on me.
Pulitzer Prize winning Photo Journalist Todd Heisler  follows me through the streets of New York city. The quintessential look into a day in the life of the “ladies man”.


The 5 Day Transformation Course – In Miami – January 2015

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The Path To Authenticity Part IX: Master Breaking the Ice, Any Time, With Anyone, Anywhere

I’ve been sharing A lot about the “Way you Be” now I want to connect that to “What you Do”. This is how you can break the ice with any women no matter what situation you find yourself. Wether you are walking down the street, in the bookstore, supermarket, train, coffee shop, lounge, or any place you can imagine yourself, this will always be the most powerful way to start a conversation with her.

The Secret to breaking the ice with any women, anytime, anywhere is revealed.  Its so simple, yet most men never figure it out.  They let women after women walk by them and then they berate themselves after.  Below I share the way to connect with women effortlessly, authentically, and infinitely.