How To Use A Prop To Break The Ice

You find yourself standing next to an attractive women in the bookstore, super market, coffee shop, etc… you want to talk but you can’t think of anything to say.

The easiest thing to do is to pick up something nearby and use it to break the ice.

You can make a funny comment, ask for a sincere opinion…anything at all.

The secret is to not think about it all. Just pick something up and let it fly.

There is never any need to run out of conversation when you learn to use props.

In this video I show you how.


Be With The C
 (Stillness and Focus)

When you’re with a woman, focus on taking it one step at a time.

Think about the step you’re in, and keep your focus on that one moment only.

Imagine you’re a guitar player, or a piano player, or a saxophone player, or any kind of musician or singer.
Let’s just say you’re learning how to play the guitar, and you’re learning rock and roll, and you’re learning the basic progression, 1, 4, 5, which translates to C, F, G, and then back to C.

Those are the the chords, and let’s just say you can put in the song, “Let it be,” in there. Its basic chord progression is C, F, G, and back to C. I don’t know if that’s exactly true, but I’m pretty sure it is.
As you learn the songs and you practice enough times, it becomes a part of you.


When you’re playing the C chord, you can’t play the F chord too.

You can only play the C. You must BE with the C.

Then, as you practice and you’re playing, your hand will naturally glide in the exact time it needs to, and then you’ll BE with the F.
Then it will slide in the exact time it needs to, to be with the G, and then you’ll BE with the G. Then you’ll go back to being with the C.
Be with the C when you’re playing the C. Concentrate on that, [click to continue…]


How To Not Creep Her Out (a Painfully Familiar Tale)

In this video I tell a real life Story about one of my friends who is typically good with women but on this day fell into the reality of the average frustrated man: Hesitating, missing the moment, seeking approval, looming around her, following her, as he crossed into the dreaded creepy zone! I”ll share this familiar tale but I won’t leave you hanging. I will teach you how to recover the next time you find yourself going down this path.


Take yourself Outside the Box and Peak Back Inside (Practicing Detachment)


Have a look around.

Sit at a cafe on a good street, and do some people watching.

Drive down a busy road where lots of people will be and doing things that people do; shopping, talking, chatting, and maybe flirting.

Have a look at everyone as they have their conversations, as they kiss, as they get in and out of their car and run from one place to the next.

Watch as they get into it, as they get contentious.  Watch as they’re bored, as they’re daydreaming, as they’re super über–focused, as they’re attached to an outcome.

Watch a man and a woman falling in love, a man and a woman falling apart.  It’s all happening around us all the time.
You’re a part of it too, though today, you’re the observer of them.  Be outside of it and just watch it, no judgment, just to see what it is.  Try to understand it from a different perspective.

Typically every day you’re inside of it, you’re part of it. You’re running from [click to continue…]

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Zen and The Art of Meeting and Connecting With Women

Imagine a way of life where you are continually connecting with amazing women and at the same time transcending all of your limits. Imagine stepping into a new reality where you find Joy and fun and power in expressing yourself. Imagine becoming magnetic and lighting women up the moment you arrive. That is what happens when you take on “The Social Practice” and view your social exchanges and flirting as a Zen like practice. In This Video I will reveal the biggest secret to doing just that.


Your Biggest Challenge Isn’t What You Think


Your biggest challenge is not that you don’t have a girlfriend.

Your biggest challenge is not that sometimes you have a tough time, or you hesitate when you want to say hi to a beautiful woman at work. And it’s not that you don’t always take the risk.

Your biggest challenge is not that you don’t have the perfect job right now, or the perfect body, or the perfect whatever.

Your biggest challenge is making a conscious choice to feel good about yourself. There’s literally nothing more important in your life than feeling grateful, appreciative, and content with yourself.

Your biggest challenge is making a conscious choice to feel good about yourself. There’s literally nothing more important in your life than feeling grateful, appreciative, and content with yourself.

That doesn’t mean we take drugs to get there.

That doesn’t mean that we just sit there like a vegetable.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t have dreams and… [click to continue…]

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2046 – The Self Realized Man

Is it a movie? Is It a Year? I share how a movie opened my eyes to the way of the Timeless Man.

To be great we must transcend the confines of the time we live in while understand just how to play in the time that we do.

Transcend your circumstance by seeing yourself as a man for all time. We must ask ourselves who we would be in another time. Perhaps, you would be a blacksmith in the middle ages: A software programer today, and in the future the guardian of the galaxy.

But underneath all those functions you must ask your self what is your essence. When you discover that create a life around who you really are.


Are You Operating From a Faulty Paradigm?

success failure5

Most of us go through existence feeling like we’re not good enough, feeling like we don’t have enough, hoping that one day we will arrive.

We go through life constantly seeking elusive success. Anything that isn’t that gets discarded, abandoned, and left for dead.

This paradigm is called the success/failure paradigm, and it leaves us in a constant state of lacking and makes us feel inadequate.

Here’s how it works. You have a goal. It could be to have more dates, be more social, have more sexual experiences, get a girlfriend etc…

Let’s say you go out and your goal is to get a girlfriend. You went out and talked to hundreds of women, and you still don’t have a girlfriend. So, after all that, you feel way worse than when you started because after each and every conversation, after each and every attempt, and everything you did, you only had one goal in mind — get girlfriend.

[click to continue…]


The New Year and The Man You Really Are

Hey guys, happy new year.

I know a lot of you are thinking about what you want to achieve this next year, all the things that you want to do.

Lets remember though, that there’s nothing more important than the way that you Be.

Really think about who you want to Be this year and imagine yourself Being that person and then all the things you want to achieve will naturally flow.

I suggest you take a moment now before the festivities begin to visualize yourself being the ultimate version of you.

I can’t tell you who that is. Thats for you to decide.

When you make the decision…allow yourself to see yourself being that person. Feel what it feels like to be that person.

Imagine great friends and lovers adoring you and you them. Imagine having what you love and loving what you have. Imagine everything you desire, An awesome girlfriend, Travel, Radiant health, mega wealth, inspiring others, imagine whatever you want and allow yourself to feel what it feels like.
When you do this you will feel amazing. You can do this everyday : )
To The Best Year Ever,


Interview: How to Create an Amazing Lifestyle with James Marshall (Barcelona)

I Interview James Marshall of The Natural Lifestyles on How to Create the Lifestyle of your Dreams. James is a true Master in Transformation and Lifestyle Design. He shares how he started with little and created the exact lifestyle he wants to live out and how you can too.  We get together once again in an exotic locale. This time Barcelona, Spain.

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