A Gentleman Is A Gentleman With Everybody (Not Just Hot Bodies)

So Many men divide women into categories. “She’s a 10″ or “there’s a 6″ I often hear them say. This is called Objectification and it’s dehumanizing. Whats more it blocks you from being an authentic man. You only relate to people based on the number value you have given them. So if you deem her to be a low number than you just ignore or mistreat. You claim to be Mr. Charisma around a “6” but just clam up around a “10”. The only way you relate to people is with an objective. It’s completely immature and ego driven.

Imagine instead, treating all people with admiration and kindness. Imagine instead, that all people are beautiful and have something you can find to appreciate about them. A gentleman is a gentleman with everybody.  See how you feel about yourself and how you feel being social with women then. Instead of dividing them up and categorizing them…uplift women and appreciate them. In this video, I take it even further…


Dealing with Frustration

In the world of men meeting women, you come face-to-face with all of your limitations. It’s so easy to fall from the joy of the practice and start seeking results.

Of course, we all would love to have the results that initially spurned us forward, which is to have more growth in our lives and to have abundance.  And often, the more people we talk to, in general, the more disappointed we will be because there are more people to be disappointed by. We come face-to-face with the thought, “Man, I’ve got all of these phone numbers, but the girls are not texting me back.  It’s so frustrating.”


Yes, you got phone numbers. Mostly anyone who goes up and talks to people and asks them for phone numbers will get phone numbers every day.  But did you make that many connections? Sometimes you did make a connection and she still didn’t call you back, or she responded once, twice, three times, and then all of a sudden dropped off the face of the earth.

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Breaking The Glass Wall and The Sound of The Night

When You Lie in your bed at night and you recap your day how do you feel?  Do you feel that you have lived the day to its fullest?  Are you Overflowing with excitement about todays events?  Did you challenge yourself to move past little moments of fear and discover new realities?  Are you Excited to wake up tomorrow and create your self all over again?

Have you ever felt like you are behind a glass wall?  You see a beautiful stranger and you so badly want to say HELLO…but you can’t.  Something is preventing you.  Its like she’s one inch away yet there is sound proof glass wall between you.  The wall of hesitation.  In this video I relate my own experience and the daily practice I personally use to move break free.


Stories and Transformation (Change the story; Transform your life)

In this Video I teach you internal practices to let go of the stories we tell ourselves that keep us stuck in our lives and circumstances.   We must defy these limiting stories in order to completely Transform our dating and social lives.  Its important that we rewrite the script with vigilance until we can truly see clearly.  In this video I take you face to face with fear and show you to move past it and into a new reality.


I have amazing powers of observation- (Practice this today)

It’s our ability to observe our world around us, our ability to observe the people in it; and exactly what’s happening with them at this moment in time; and our ability to say what we see to her, in just the right way, at just the right moment, is our ability to connect.


We want to develop our powers of observation, and the more we use them, the more present we become, which is the greatest state to be in, and the more presence we’ll have.

Today, sit in a cafe.  Observe the people around you. Notice what they’re wearing. Notice how what they’re wearing matches or doesn’t match.  Make an inference about what that might mean about how their day’s going or about their overall personality. If every little thing matches perfectly, maybe it means they’re very detail-oriented. Maybe it means…

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Grains of Sand: Never Freeze With A Woman Again


The biggest prison we can live in is the fear of what other people think.  Have you ever wanted to talk to a beautiful women and were stopped in your tracks because you were worried about the nearby strangers opinion?  You see her sitting on a park bench and you just want to say hi but all you can think about is the people watching.  Its healthy to be aware of your surroundings but it becomes destructive when you become to focused on other peoples opinions of you.  In this Video “Grains of Sand: Never Freeze with a women again.”  I give you an amazing technique I teach my clients to move past the need for the good opinion of others once and for all.


Moving Beyond The Fear of Rejection (Social Freedom)

The Fear of Rejection stops us from really Living the life we desire.  Rejection is something everyman must face over and over.  He will never really know who he is until he transcends his fear of rejection.  The only way to be with and date truly amazing women is to to become a truly authentic and actualized man.  The only way to do that is move yourself beyond any need of approval from anyone.

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Every Place Has A Rhythm: Tune In and Connect With Women Everywhere

I get this all the time. “I’m good in the club but not in the daytime.” Or” I’m good on the street but not in the bookstore.” Guys make up so many excuses not to talk to women its fairly unbelievable. Then when they do start talking they aren’t really listening to whats happening around them or the person before them.

Every Place Has a Rhythm and You Must Learn to Tune into the energy of the environment you are in.  Wether it’s a quiet coffee shop, a bustling street, aisle 4 in the supermarket, a dinner party, or even the ocean, you must learn to gauge your own energy to the energy of the place and of course the women your are connecting with.


The Essence of the Ladies Man

A Lady’s man doesn’t have a single type.

Blonde hair, blue eyes, black hair, olive skin, he’s attracted to all types.

He’s attracted to tall women, shorter women, thin women, fuller women.

He loves women. He loves their essence.

He loves their femininity, he follows it, he breathes it in, he lives off of it.

He doesn’t …

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The Tale of Icy and Sot: A Secret of The Universe

The Tale of Icy and Sot

“Two men look through bars. One saw the dirt, and the other saw the stars.”-Dale Carnegie

Where’s your vision focusing?

Where would you like it to be?

I’m walking down the street here in my favorite neighborhood, SoHo, enjoying some of its many paintings on walls, a.k.a. street art. One of them that always strikes me is on the corner of Sullivan and Prince.

It’s called Icy and Sot.

It’s got a painting of an adolescent, who looks real nerdy, and he’s got a pair of glasses on. His glasses, however, have two DO NOT symbols slashed across them. Everywhere he looks he sees through the eyes of fear.

photo 1

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