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"It’s His Job. He Likes It. He’s Good At It.”
- New York Times

"[John] takes charge of chaos. This city is so random and chaotic...Most people just hope that chaos will spin their way...They hope that if they keep with their routine, they will somehow collide with something good. But [John] forces these collisions. [He] collides with everything around [him].”

 -Brandon Stanton of "Humans of New York”

“John Will Teach You How To Talk to just about any girl” 

-Roger Hailes Mansome


"John unlocks the mystery of meeting women in everyday locations, including cafes, bookstores and art galleries”

- Jason Fell ENTREPRENEUR Magazine

"After my breakup, I didn't know where to start, but I knew if I want to learn to golf, I hire the best golf coach in the world, if I want to learn guitar, I hire the best guitar teacher in the world, if I want to learn how to be charming, I hire the best dating coach in the world.”

- Bill, Entrepreneur

"Not only is John one of the best coaches out there, he is one of my best friends in the world, and I would recommend him to anyone!"

-David Wygant

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How To Use A Prop To Break The Ice

John Keegan - Props...How To Use Everything To Break The Ice

You find yourself standing next to an attractive women in the bookstore, super market, coffee shop, etc… you want to talk but you can’t think of anything to say. The easiest thing to do is to pick up something nearby and use it to break the ice. You can make a funny comment, ask for…

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Zen and The Art of Meeting and Connecting With Women

The Path to Authenticity Part 7   Zen and the Art of Meeting and Connecting with Women

Imagine a way of life where you are continually connecting with amazing women and at the same time transcending all of your limits. Imagine stepping into a new reality where you find Joy and fun and power in expressing yourself. Imagine becoming magnetic and lighting women up the moment you arrive. That is what happens…

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Be With The C
 (Stillness and Focus)

When you’re with a woman, focus on taking it one step at a time. Think about the step you’re in, and keep your focus on that one moment only. Imagine you’re a guitar player, or a piano player, or a saxophone player, or any kind of musician or singer. Let’s just say you’re learning how…

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How To Not Creep Her Out (a Painfully Familiar Tale)

In this video I tell a real life Story about one of my friends who is typically good with women but on this day fell into the reality of the average frustrated man: Hesitating, missing the moment, seeking approval, looming around her, following her, as he crossed into the dreaded creepy zone! I”ll share this…

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Take yourself Outside the Box and Peak Back Inside (Practicing Detachment)


Have a look around. Sit at a cafe on a good street, and do some people watching. Drive down a busy road where lots of people will be and doing things that people do; shopping, talking, chatting, and maybe flirting. Have a look at everyone as they have their conversations, as they kiss, as they…

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Your Biggest Challenge Isn’t What You Think


Your biggest challenge is not that you don’t have a girlfriend. Your biggest challenge is not that sometimes you have a tough time, or you hesitate when you want to say hi to a beautiful woman at work. And it’s not that you don’t always take the risk. Your biggest challenge is not that you…

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2046 – The Self Realized Man

Is it a movie? Is It a Year? I share how a movie opened my eyes to the way of the Timeless Man. To be great we must transcend the confines of the time we live in while understand just how to play in the time that we do. Transcend your circumstance by seeing yourself…

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Are You Operating From a Faulty Paradigm?


Most of us go through existence feeling like we’re not good enough, feeling like we don’t have enough, hoping that one day we will arrive. We go through life constantly seeking elusive success. Anything that isn’t that gets discarded, abandoned, and left for dead. This paradigm is called the success/failure paradigm, and it leaves us…

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