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"It’s His Job. He Likes It. He’s Good At It.”
- New York Times

"[John] takes charge of chaos. This city is so random and chaotic...Most people just hope that chaos will spin their way...They hope that if they keep with their routine, they will somehow collide with something good. But [John] forces these collisions. [He] collides with everything around [him].”

 -Brandon Stanton of "Humans of New York”

“John Will Teach You How To Talk to just about any girl” 

-Roger Hailes Mansome


"John unlocks the mystery of meeting women in everyday locations, including cafes, bookstores and art galleries”

- Jason Fell ENTREPRENEUR Magazine

"After my breakup, I didn't know where to start, but I knew if I want to learn to golf, I hire the best golf coach in the world, if I want to learn guitar, I hire the best guitar teacher in the world, if I want to learn how to be charming, I hire the best dating coach in the world.”

- Bill, Entrepreneur

"Not only is John one of the best coaches out there, he is one of my best friends in the world, and I would recommend him to anyone!"

-David Wygant

  • World-renowned dating coach John Keegan being featured in Brandon Stanton's Humans of New York
  • Fox and Friends interviews New York City based dating coach John Keegan
  • Spike TV asks award-winning dating coach John Keegan how to meet women
  • Dating coach John Keegan is featured in Men's Health on how to meet women at a bar
  • Roger Hailes from Mansome interviews dating coach John Keegan on how to meet women without pickup
  • The New York Times features world-renowned dating coach John Keegan as the ladies man
  • Entrepreneur magazine
  • New York Magazine
  • Huffington Post



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Appreciating Where You Stand: Finding The Beauty in Everything

    The Core of Attraction is Appreciation. Many people are to busy trying to get somewhere to really appreciate where they are. I meet many a man who’s trained himself to look around and see what he doesn’t like about the situation. Why he’s not satisfied with life. They look at themselves and find…

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Dating Tips: The Seinfeld Principle

All the characters on Seinfeld love to pick people apart to the smallest levels. We love to watch them for it and laugh. Following this principle in real life is not so funny though. I meet many men who dissect women into many parts and constantly find whats wrong with them. They look for all…

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How To Use A Prop To Break The Ice

You find yourself standing next to an attractive women in the bookstore, super market, coffee shop, etc… you want to talk but you can’t think of anything to say. The easiest thing to do is to pick up something nearby and use it to break the ice. You can make a funny comment, ask for…

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Zen and The Art of Meeting and Connecting With Women

Imagine a way of life where you are continually connecting with amazing women and at the same time transcending all of your limits. Imagine stepping into a new reality where you find Joy and fun and power in expressing yourself. Imagine becoming magnetic and lighting women up the moment you arrive. That is what happens…

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Get Into The Ultimate State: The State of Authenticity

I often hear guys say “I have to get into state”. Like there is this magic state to get into where you can finally be yourself. The state they are often trying to get into a super high energy (almost fanatic state), like they are at a frat party and had 10 beers. There are…

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The Social Life With David Wygant and John Keegan

Do you section off your social life between the hours of 10pm and 2am on Saturday night. So many people hide out during the week and avoid social contact and then the weekend comes and its time to get wrecked and make it happen. David and I explain how to avoid that trap and build…

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Conversation Tips: What To Do When You Can’t Think Of Anything To Say

  I’m not sure what to say so I am just not going to say anything. That’s the story of most guys on any given day. How many times have you been in a conversation and didn’t know what to say next got anxious and left? It’s so uncomfortable that it can stop you from…

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Inner Game Tips: The Way To The Greatest Outcome

We spend our lives seeking an outcome just outside of ourselves but often the greatest outcome alludes us. Watch this Video now and discover the way to the greatest outcome. Looking forward, John PS. Check out the new site and explore new coaching programs. PSS. For those of you asked for better video and sound…

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Lifestyle Tips: Why You Need To Cultivate An Adventurous Spirit

Its a vital importance that a man tap into his curiosity and develop a thirst for discovering the world before him around him and beyond him. In this video I get into the importance of cultivating an adventurous spirit in all that you do. Bring that spirit into every conversation you have with a women…

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The Amazing Power Of Visualization

Wherever you are right now, whether in a dusty room, a ghetto, a mansion in hopeless relationship, through the power of visualization you can create a new destiny. Learn the simple technique in this video that can absolutely and literally change your very reality. I know because it changed mine. I went from being completely…

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