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Archive for May 2010

The New York Times Profile of me “The Ladies Man” (in Print)

People often say, ‘What do you do?’ and I think that answering that question outright 8 out of 10 times is antithetical to your purpose. Ask me what I do and I’ll say, ‘Guess,’ and you’ll say, ‘O.K., I’ll guess,’ or you’ll say, ‘Oh, I don’t want to guess,’ and I’ll say, ‘Come on, don’t you think it would be more fun if we guessed?’

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Acting, Dating, And Being Authentic -An Interview

I recently did an interview Betterfly Journalist Beatta Aldridge.  In this interview I discus the core of being connected to onesself so that you can easily connect to others in an authentic, moment to moment way. Interview with a Betterist: Dating Coach John Keegan Here at Betterfly, we recently got the chance to sit down…

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