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Archive for June 2014

Where Are You Operating From?

Where is the place that all your actions and the words that fly out of your mouth are coming from? It’s somewhere in the belief systems. Somewhere in your core, your essence. Your core beliefs. Your core trusts in yourself. Your trust in other human beings, and your trust in the universe. It’s somewhere in…

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Be Vulnerable

So many of us, especially men, have our walls up so high that we don’t even know what it’s like to be open to another person. ​ We don’t even know what it’s like to let someone really experience what it’s like to be open, to let their guard down. It’s only in that space…

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Who’s Dream are You Dreaming?

“Dream beyond the dreams you were given and I will Dream with you.” We have job titles, or we have aspirations to have a certain job title, whether it be doctor, lawyer, rock star, actor, or accountant. It’s our identity. We start dreaming that one day we’ll be super rich, and one day we’ll be…

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Be the Rock Star of your own Life

What are rock stars going for? What are we all really going for? What does the rock star represent? Why do we appreciate them so much, and why do people get so star struck when they meet them? Here’s why. The rock star represents freedom. Freedom from the limitations and confines of a mediocre life,…

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The Essence of Attraction

If you want to understand attraction, you need to know the essence of attraction. This is a simple formula. Attraction is to pull. It’s the ability to bring things to you. Not to chase after it, not to run after it. Although, you might run down the street after a girl you’re attracted to, if…

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