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Wake Up! What Tinder Is Really Doing To You

Tinder and other dating sites have made many men docile and given them a way to avoid directly dealing with themselves. They offer a delusion where you have infinite possibilities and yet really hardly any. They keep you stuck from actually developing yourself and meeting the women you are really attracted too.  In order to…

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The Opposite Sex is Not Your Enemy or Your Opposite

It’s been going on for a long time. It’s like we’ve been hearing phrases like, “the battle of the sexes” forever. Lately, it’s come even more into our everyday lives; it’s men versus women and women versus men. Men are out to get women, and women are out to get men. Separating us and dividing…

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Are You Practicing Being a Sociopath?

At one point, you decided the skills you had with connecting with women weren’t working for you. You needed to up your game, or somewhere along the line you got out of a breakup and you needed to start again. You saw beautiful women everywhere, and you didn’t know how to talk with them without…

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A Gentleman Is A Gentleman With Everybody (Not Just Hot Bodies)

So Many men divide women into categories. “She’s a 10” or “there’s a 6” I often hear them say. This is called Objectification and it’s dehumanizing. Whats more it blocks you from being an authentic man. You only relate to people based on the number value you have given them. So if you deem her…

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Dealing with Frustration

In the world of men meeting women, you come face-to-face with all of your limitations. It’s so easy to fall from the joy of the practice and start seeking results. Of course, we all would love to have the results that initially spurned us forward, which is to have more growth in our lives and…

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Breaking The Glass Wall and The Sound of The Night

When You Lie in your bed at night and you recap your day how do you feel?  Do you feel that you have lived the day to its fullest?  Are you Overflowing with excitement about todays events?  Did you challenge yourself to move past little moments of fear and discover new realities?  Are you Excited…

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Grains of Sand: Never Freeze With A Woman Again

  The biggest prison we can live in is the fear of what other people think.  Have you ever wanted to talk to a beautiful women and were stopped in your tracks because you were worried about the nearby strangers opinion?  You see her sitting on a park bench and you just want to say…

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