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Archive for December 2014

The New Year and The Man You Really Are

Hey guys, happy new year. I know a lot of you are thinking about what you want to achieve this next year, all the things that you want to do. Lets remember though, that there’s nothing more important than the way that you Be. Really think about who you want to Be this year and…

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Keep Calm and Follow Through

Recently, I eloquently persuaded a friend to take a 21-day yoga challenge. We’re already on day eight, and I just feel amazing! Not just because of the benefits of yoga, but because I am living out a goal that I had for my physical, emotional, and spiritual health. There’s really nothing more satisfying than self-evolution, self-actualization,…

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Core Attraction: The Key Is Vibrant Health

If it didn’t live or grow…Don’t eat it! That was great advice given to me by Jeffrey Rose, the world famous hypnotist.  If it didn’t live or grow, don’t eat it. So, if it didn’t grow out of the ground, it’s not worth eating, and if it didn’t live, if it wasn’t wild and caught…

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Drop The Agenda and Watch The Magic

The Agenda ridden mind has no peace. Most guys deal with women as means to an end. What end? To have their ego temporally fed. To be validated in some way. Even when they get it is fleeting. It’s so important to drop the agenda and learn to follow your natural instincts to connect with…

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Is Your Life Like Being John Malkovich?

In Being John Malkovich, a shy man goes out and tries to express himself by becoming a puppet master.  He’s the master of all of the puppets, but with people and with women, he can’t assert himself in any way. And then somehow he ends up inside of John Malkovich’s head to get close to…

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Be A Present Tense Person

Super Attraction comes from being present.  The more present you are the more attractive you are.  You become free, light hearted, playful, devil may care, and detached from any outcome.  The way to becoming great at meeting women in everyday places is to practice being present tense all the time.  In this video I take…

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The Right Way To Flirt With The Waitress or The Shop Girl

Every Guy Wants to date the beautiful waitress or the cute shop girl who is being friendly while she helps him pick out clothes. How can you tell if she is just being nice? How can you move the conversation beyond todays daily specials? How you can actually get personal and make a real connection…

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Practicing The Power Of Now (The Social Practice)

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is perhaps the most profound book ever written.
It’s all about how to become one with the present moment, how to live life to its fullest, and to its richest. He teaches us that by letting go of past stories and future projections we can learn to be exactly…

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