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Moving Beyond Every Single Risk Point

In any given conversation, there’s a series of places where most people stop.  They give up.  More accurately they give into fear.  Obviously, at each place there’s a point of anxiety where the dark voices, the monkey men, come in and start telling you why not to do it, you’re not good enough, and they’ll…

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The Ultimate Mind Set: The Social Explorer

When flirting with the opposite sex, we often get into a hunter and prey mindset. Straight away, we fall into a world of lack because we’re following a faulty paradigm. And this faulty paradigm is the success/failure paradigm. I’m successful if I get a phone number. I’m successful if she smiles. I’m successful if I get…

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The Most Romantic Story Ever Told: The Story of How We Met

The Story of “how we met”! One of the Most important stories a couple has. A story that, when in a relationship, you will repeat countless times. The first thing her friends and family will ask is…”How did you meet”. It’s an integral part of the romance. As the man you are the leader. It’s…

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Men – Why You Need To Be Beautiful

Beauty is not a word often attributed to men, and it’s not something men often aspire to. More often, adjectives like hard worker, tough, strong, smart, sharp, sincere.  These are things men can aspire to be — rich, wealthy, a provider, a good man, etc. We might say it about something we see in nature, when…

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The Art of Settling In

Most men go into hunting mode when they want to meet a women.They walk around the bar, the streets, the cafes, wherever they are with a feeling of eminent lack. They are Seeking and Searching. They are in essence empty and looking for something to fill the void. We have all been there. We seek…

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