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Archive for April 2015

Are You A Visionary?

Do you have a vision for your life? For your dating life, for your relationship life, what do you want to experience and why do you want to experience it?  Is it just some general feeling of discontent?  The feeling that I don’t have what I want? Most of us walk around feeling like that, and it’s…

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What Does An Attractive Man Believe In

Are your beliefs destroying your ability to experience the life you desire? Are your beliefs keeping you stuck and alienated from the people you want to connect with? Are your beliefs making you feel less then Awesome? Do you believe you are not enough? Do you believe that there is not enough in the world…

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How To Become Ageless

How old are you? How many times do you get asked that question, how often does it feel good to answer that? What is the purpose of the question, “How old are you?” Every time you read a magazine about a famous person, or any person in a newspaper article, they always identify the person…

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The Little Dictator Inside Your Mind

We live in a politically correct world, that has for the past several years gotten even more and more extreme. To the point where a lot of people are scared to say anything to another person or express how they feel, in fear that they’ll insult someone; Out of fear that they will be condemned…

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On to the Next Suffering

Let’s have a look at our lives, our day to day. We strive for some great experience, craving it. Desiring it. Yearning for it. Finally got it!!!! Aannndddd before you know it… You’re on to the next suffering! You finally got what you always wanted, that very thing or experience you couldn’t wait to have, and almost…

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She’s Like A Rainbow and Yet You Make Her Grey

So Many guys miss the moment when attempting to connect with a women. They are so focused on the outcome that the girl before them just becomes a way to “get what he wants”. Of course, any self aware girl can feel this and it repels her.  So he rarely ever does get what he…

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5 Lessons an Actor Knows That Will Transform Your Life

For many years I was an actor in NYC.  I devoted my life too it.  I studied with great teachers, worked on many projects, had the pleasure to work with many talented people and even lived in a dusty room in the back of a hoarders Lair.   During those years of grinding it out…

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