Many men are feeling alienated, unfairly and irrationally attacked, and disillusioned by the modern woman. It’s gotten so intense that it’s caused a mass movement call MGTOW (Men Go Their Own Way). Those who follow this advice feel that the modern feminism has little to do with female empowerment but rather an unrelenting assault to tear down masculinity. In this video I give my thoughts on what men can do now…

1 thought on “Is It Time For Men To Go Their Own Way (MGTOW)?”

  1. I dont disagree that we as men need to take the higher road and lead but on the flipside we cant let women take advantage of us just because they feel entitled to do so

    Example in divorces and separation 70 percent are initiated by women even tho the man wants to keep it together for the family . Women feel they have free rain and are justified when they can split families when men do it it abuse

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