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I have had the great opportunity to work with many women one on one and learn through experience the unique needs of women in the world of dating.

Communicate Who You Are

Screen the Men You Meet

Learn How to Read His Mind

"Between the cute things he said and the appealingly approachable way he came across --with a sheepish smile and a slouchy aw-shucks carriage, --I thought: There's really something very charming about him.

Besides, I really liked the idea of flirting as playfulness."

-Marua Kelly, Marie Claire Magazine

"It's his job. He likes it. He's Good at it."

-New York Times

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Often times it is a simple matter of changing some limiting beliefs, setting up and aligning with your values, and learning how to qualify (screen) in a fun way.

Further, learning some simple social skills like being able to communicate who you are so you can attract who you want go a long way. If you want to really meet that unique person, than we have to shine a light on that which is unique in you.

My coaching will teach you how to screen and qualify the men you meet. You will know in minutes if he is a guy you want to invite into your life. I will guide you into the joys of flirting, being spontaneous, and conveying your authentic self.

Further, I will teach you what's really going on in a man's mind. I will move you past all your excuses, your fears, and your barriers. Since every woman is unique, I only work one-on-one with you. Together you and I will create an action plan that is designed specifically for you which will show you immediate changes to your dating life!

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