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2 Days To Flow
(A Life-Changing Weekend)

Send your life soaring in a empowering direction towards your vision as a man with dating coach John Keegan's powerful weekend dating course.

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Over the course of two days, I will coach and give you the tools you need to develop social and dating fulfillment in your own life. Through this dating coaching intensive course of lecture, role-playing, and real-world training in New York City, I will plant the seeds of knowledge and action necessary for you to grow on your own in the months to come!

Inner State

Attracting people into your life is the result of your inner state, which projects into the world each moment the kind of person you are and the kind of person you're becoming. Every action you take comes from your thoughts, beliefs and values. Through our dating coaching, we will make your goals clear, align your values to your interests and passions, and get your beliefs working for you.

Principles & Skills

  • Initiation: Learn how to start a conversation with anyone in any situation, and get into a normal conversation that allows chemistry to arise naturally as it should.
  • Enhanced Communication: After you master the ability to strike up conversations, you'll then learn how to bring yourself into those interactions in the most fun, spontaneous and authentic manner.
  • The Art of the Connection: Once you're in conversation and chemistry is mutual, learn how to connect with her on the deepest level.
  • Setting Up a Date: Learn the steps and subtleties of continuing your conversation in a subsequent meet-up, and how to make that meet-up exceptional.


By the end of Day Two, you will not only have a clear understanding of these principles and skills, but also a personal experience of how they work when applied in life – both by observing dating coach and expert John Keegan and practicing them yourself.

As we recap everything throughout the course of the weekend, and how to take what you've learned and make it part of you can live The Awakened Lifestyle everyday beyond just this dating course.


What are you waiting for? Success is just one weekend away:

Because when your life is led by your vision, you will lead others into your life.

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