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Total Dating Immersion Experience for Men

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In this dating course, we will visit places you never thought were fertile grounds for meeting quality women like: parks, coffee shops, supermarkets, bookstores, and even out on the street!

These places are where you will meet and connect with the world's most amazing women! Through a combination of enlightening seminar style teaching, powerful visualizations, and real infield practice, you will master meeting these women anywhere!


  • Build up your personal charisma to heights you never thought possible!
  • Talk about yourself in a way that not only feels good, but is highly engaging. 
  • Learn how to break the ice within yourself every day, and get out of your own head. 
  • Learn to become a master at validation! This is the core of the connection
  • Discover The Most Powerful Way of being known to man!


  • Become comfortable in your own skin in every social situation.
  • Develop a new set of habits that will turn into your own Social Practice.
  • Develop incredible conversation skills that lead to deep connections. 
  • Be the most fun date any woman has ever had (or will ever have)


  • Change what you believe about yourself, women, and the way you see the world!
  • Learn the most effective way to set up a date.
  • Master breaking the ice with any woman in any situation (no matter her beauty or status)
  • Become extraordinarily attractive to women no matter your status or looks. 
  • Transform into a master flirt that magnetizes women to you!

The Awakened Lifestyle Transformation dating course is the chance to break your literal pattern, transform into the man who connects with extraordinary women naturally, and step into the awakened lifestyle. 

Imagine spending 4 days to completely transform your dating life forever with the most effective attraction, social, and dating coach in the world!

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New York's best dating coach, John Keegan, will teach you how to build a beautiful physical relationship with women that leads to intimacy, romance, and love.

Here's an FAQ to answer a few questions you might have about the 4-Day Dating Transformation Course:

NYC's best dating coach and expert John Keegan uses seminar-style teaching along with visualizations and live practice to coach men in his dating courses and bootcamps how to meet women

Places are extremely limited for these courses, John and  the team always keep the client to Coach ratio very low. These events sell out very quickly after we announce them online – do not miss your opportunity to transform your life!

We'll meet shortly after for your first session, where we home in on your goals, values, interests and passions. If not, no hard feelings! Either way, I'll make sure you get the greatest possible value from the time that we have.

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