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Daygame or Nightgame… 🤔 How About Connecting?

Daygame or Nightgame, which one should I choose? Well let’s look at it in a different way…

Your dating life isn’t split between day or night, it’s simply a process of connecting with other human beings. Whether you’re at the supermarket shopping, at a book store looking for a book, or a a Café enjoying a drink, you can connect with women in all of these places, and by doing so you open yourself up to a variety of situations and interactions. This helps you become more open to connecting at any time and at any place, this way ‘the world’ becomes your dating playground, not just the night club or the street.

Hear me talk about it in the video below:

If you’ve had enough of living YOUR life passively and without desire! Then you know t’s time to make a CHANGE! It’s time to start saying YES to opportunities! Because life will pass you by and you’ll look back and wonder “how?”. 

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