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The Era of Digital Love ❤️

The Era of Digital Love ❤️

Today we are living in the world of technology, and it’s a beautiful Era because we can click a few buttons on those glass screens of ours and all the sudden we’re speaking with a friend who lives on the other side of the planet. The world of letters, and telegrams are over, and the world of messaging and FaceTime are in. These times are strange, because we don’t really understand the effects of all that we are doing, or what technology is doing to us, but one thing we can deeply feel is that dating apps can’t replace real life, spontaneous interactions.

Tinder and some of the other dating apps are incredible for connecting two individuals, so that they can have a quick “romance” without the need of real interaction. Put a few photos up, write a short bio and maybe add your Instagram and you’ll most likely get a few matches. You chat a bit, and maybe you even get along and end up setting up a date! Congrats to you! But is there something wrong with doing it this way? Does it ‘really’ feel right?

I don’t think so.

Relationships need a strong foundation, and Tinder doesn’t provide this. Tinder and all the other dating apps out there are a quick and cheap way to get laid, or get some instant satisfaction when feeling lonely. On occasion there will be instances where these ‘do’ work out, but most of the time ‘they don’t’.

Are people just lazy? They swipe in the hopes that out there, somewhere in the Tinder world there is a girl who will finally “sees them for who they are”. They tell themselves just one more swipe until the ‘one’, and all it does is just give them yet another dopamine squirt of hope.

Meeting and connecting with women is something that cannot be done through technology. It has to be face to face, it has to be personal and intimate. When you meet a girl you want there to be anxiety, tension, awkward moments, it all sets up the foundation for a honest and deep relationship. You’re seeing her for what she truly is and vice versa. Tinder doesn’t give you this, dating apps can’t give you this, they can only cover it up. When you interact with someone in real life there is no hiding, there is only the moment, there is only the now.

Why are real life interactions important?

They are important because you are living in a physical world, with people who are of the physical nature. And by interacting in real life you are learning about their physical nature, you’re are learning about how humans work and how they interact with one another. When you interact with a person you are both teaching one another about human interaction, and if you’re observant enough you can learn from these interactions, whether you’re stopping a girl on the street to chat to her because you like her style, or chatting to a friend about his day, these are real life interactions that teach you about yourself and help you develop your social skills.

It’s very odd for me to see when people on a train or a bus sit across from one another on their smartphones swiping away on Tinder when right in front of them is an opportunity to connect in real life, with a real person. And maybe, who knows? That person in front of them could be someone they could have an amazing relationship with, someone who could make their life a thousand times more special.

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