What is the purpose behind The Awakened Lifestyle?

What is the purpose behind The Awakened Lifestyle?

I recently received an email from someone who read about me in the NY Times. His subject line was “Awakened but Overwhelmed”. His words echoed the feelings of so many men that I have met, spoke to, and worked with. His letter inspired me to respond here in my blog. Below is his email and my reply:


“Found your website through searching on the web, congrats on the success so far and good luck in your future endeavors, I admire your courage and accomplishments. Also, are you primarily self taught or did you study under one of the other famous dating coaches.

The reason I ask is because I am looking to make a similar change in my life now, however I feel as if I’m in a rut dealing with the question ‘Do I take the opportunity to focus harder on career or advancing my social skills or is it somehow possible to attack both at the same time?’

Thanks in advance for the reply. I look forward to hearing from you.”


My Response:

Thank you Bruce for contacting me. I am glad you did, because the question you just asked me was the same question I asked myself. This question is also what first gave birth to the idea of The Awakened Lifestyle. When I first started laser-focusing on this area of my life, I didn’t want to be some guy in night clubs every night and didn’t want my whole life to be about meeting women either. What I did want was to be one who was excellent at socializing in any situation with any one, to overcome any fear of approaching women, and to date beautiful and interesting women. I wanted to live every moment of my life with purpose. Living in NYC there are beautiful women everywhere, on the street, in the subway, in bookstores and supermarkets, art gallery’s… the list goes on. These are all the places I would normally be as I pursued my interests in life.

One of my life goals was to be great with women. This has come to be my reality. I came to this reality by making it a daily practice. I began interacting with all people, not just women, every where I was. I set goals for myself and stuck to them. I am self taught and have discovered a unique process that works from the inside out instead of using some mass marketed, contrived information. Further, I can see why you would think you couldn’t focus on your career and build your social skills at the same time. There is so much information on the internet, so many people conflicting with each other, so many Brand New Ways to Meet a Women one could feel like they need to get a Ph.D just to make a connection. But the truth is you don’t need almost any of it. What I teach people is how to be their authentic self in any situation with anyone. This is empowering! It is true to say, “the only thing you have to offer this world is that which is uniquely you.”

How do we do that?

First, we develop a strong inner state which is comprised your goals, beliefs, values, and interest and passions. Once you are clear on these things you can have endless engaging interactions. Then, of course, you learn the social skills… from how to initiate a conversation in any situation to developing conversation skills that build a physical and emotional connection. You learn the art of being playful, the art of spontaneity, and how to date. The most important thing you gain is you become the leader of your own life.

Looking Forward,


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