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Discover the joy of having powerful positive energy exchanges with women you desire.

Do you ever feel stuck starting a conversation with a new woman?

Do you ever feel like you:

  • Often overthink and talk yourself out of meeting women.
  • Don’t know how to talk to women without sounding stiff or boring.
  • Tend to get stuck in the "friend zone" or viewed as the perpetual "Mr Nice Guy."
  • Don’t have many options and often rely only on dating apps.
  • Would love to improve your flirting skills and be more playful.
  • Would like to know how it feels to date women ‘out of your league’.
  • Never have meaningful connections with women you truly desire.
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Work 1-on-1 with John

I’ve been helping men all around the world solve these problems for the last 15 years.

Throughout my journey as a dating coach in New York City and around the world, I've helped countless thousands of men feel confident in their authentic selves and learn the art of meeting and connecting with women - anywhere and everywhere.

My goal is not just to help you meet women or get a date. It’s to help you connect to your true self and feel confident from the inside out and the outside in.

With this live coaching, I will help you experience real transformation and ultimately become a man with choice and massive abundance.


Turn Fear Into Adventure

Turn interactions that used to intimidate you into the highlights of your day as you develop comfort and ease in the face of any beautiful woman or situation.

Bring playfulness out of shyness and confidence out of anxiety as you learn how to bring your authentic self to every social situation.

This course is a one-of-a-kind, unique approach that helps you meet women in a sophisticated and elegant way as a mature man should.

This coaching aims to teach you how to connect with women subtly and discreetly in everyday situations - in the street, park, store, on the subway, at the market, library, coffee place, etc. And to be as original as possible while having conversations that lead to relationships.

The mastery course is a 6-week personal coaching that helps any man regardless of his skill level or experience to:


Gain confidence


Create dating options


Master Approaching


Learn to Flirt


Lead conversations
to dates


Have abundant
dating life

Through a six-week process of 12 one-on-one coaching sessions, you'll find that you can succeed in dating, build the habit of socializing, and integrate connection into your life naturally and authentically.

You will become socially and emotionally free to be your genuine self. And you will be able to recognize and utilize a quiet moment and the right time to meet, connect and engage with any woman you desire.

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"John is a phenomenal coach. I had two sessions with him in London and the main thing he did for me was reframe how I was viewing the whole "approaching" thing. He taught me to connect with myself first, primarily, and then taught me how to connect with the other person and stay in the moment."

 - Andy

"I took a 7 day course with John in barcelona.

If you’re having trouble enjoying meeting women in the daytime, John could be the perfect coach for you. He helps you with self awareness while approaching.  This self awareness is also a step towards relaxing into a conversation with a woman.

The best part of the workshop is learning that you can bring out a creative fun energy into interactions. With John’s coaching, you can learn to be the guy that brings value into a woman’s day, no matter what situation you approach her in."

- William T

"John is not a coach like any other. Coaching with him allowed me to skyrock my dating life, meeting stunning women, being confident approaching them, talking to them and spending the night with them. But by far the most important thing I've learned with him is how to become the best version of myself and enjoy life as a whole. Successful dating life will just be a byproduct. If you want to change the course of your life, I cannot recommend him more."

- Damien

"Have the pleasure to work with John for a short period of time but I've got the best unique advice from him about connecting with people. I love how he taught me to connect with beautiful women or just people in general in any scenario using your observations of the environment and becoming a better observer in general of life. Also I've learnt to use my authentic self to connect with women/people, it's like exchanging energy and your true energy will attract the alike. He is one of the best to help you connect with women authentically and improve yourself."

- Max Zhang

"John is an amazing dating coach. He is so down to earth and open minded. His holistic approach of teaching men to reach the right mindset is spot on. He will help you find success not only in dating, but in all aspects of your life. Highly recommended."

- Ted Ahearn

"It was a pleasure working with John last year in New York. He's a real down to earth guy who most importantly he has years of experience in what he does. Mr. Keegan knows what works and what doesn't, and has helped many guys in the past get over their fears. Getting coaching from him has really been a game changer in talking to girls and over the last year and has made me a happier person. I can't really say anything better than that can I? It's hard work but it's worth it. If you need help in this area of your life he is a legitimate expert.  I took a risk after searching on Google and YouTube for years and I feel like I've made real progress from being the sheltered kid I was. If you can spare the money, do it! If you can't, start saving. God helps those who help themselves.

Do yourself a favor. Get John!"

- Brett

"John is a great coach, opens your eyes on how easy it should be to connect with people. He shares excellent ideas and thoughts, and is also very present during 1on1 coaching. Overall I liked my experience in NY! You rock man!"

- Nick Slobodinuk

"If you give it your all, this will take you to another level socially and romantically. John is one of the world's best dating coaches, without a doubt, and his style is completely unique. The only way this could conceivably be a bad option is if you are unwilling to do the work and to change."

- Lars

One-of-a-kind coaching experience

This program is a special process. It is a collaboration between you and me to create your ultimate dating life.

With a dedicated and personalized approach, we'll bring fundamental change to your dating ability so you can start enjoying your dating life!

The coaching is divided into five key elements that make the foundation of your social and dating growth:

Dating strategy

The process starts with a dating strategy session. In that session, we will collaborate on what you want to achieve in your dating life, whether it's casually dating multiple women or finding a committed partner. We will define your dating goals and how you can get there. We will recognize limiting beliefs that are in the way of achieving those goals and set up a path to conquer them.

During the session, we will focus on these three essential questions:

  • How do you want to feel that you’re not feeling now?
  • What do you want to be able to do that you’re not doing now?
  • And what do you want to experience that you’re not experiencing now?

Simple meditations and visualizations

I will teach you simple yet powerful practices to still the mind in any intimidating moment. This technique will help you relax and stay present while meeting women. It will also show you how to be natural, charismatic, attractive, and confident in who you are.

Infield socializing in everyday places

I will take you out to regular places and show you how to become great at meeting women in any possible situation. This hands-on strategy will give you a sense of social and emotional freedom. By letting go of your attachment to the outcome, you will be able to talk to women without any agenda. You will learn how to approach women by giving energy instead of taking it. And most importantly, you will learn to have fun while being social.

Strangers girl and guy flirting looking each other on the street
Happy casual couple talking looking each other sitting in a balcony with a green urban background

Roleplaying with a female dating expert

You will get to practice conversations with an experienced female dating expert and discover how to talk about yourself in a fun, playful and flirtatious way. You will learn to communicate engagingly and seductively through sincere, deep, meaningful conversations.

The only thing you have to offer in this world to another person is that which is uniquely you. Through my roleplaying process, you will learn to express what is uniquely you. You will do that by learning how to tell captivating personal stories that will reveal your true persona and develop your charisma.

Through roleplaying, we will explore how we connect on a deeper level with women through touch. I call this The Physical Conversation. In short, you will learn and practice how to engage her:

  • Verbally
  • Emotionally
  • Physically.

Expert dating mentorship

In this process, I will guide you through all the dating phases. By practicing my 5-a-day method, you'll learn to initiate conversations anywhere, with any woman at any time. I will guide you on how to break the ice, give direct compliments based on in-the-moment observations, and learn how to set up a date in a way that makes women excited to see you again. I will endow you with the ability to be a great flirt and teach you secrets of connecting through texting and social media. You will learn how to lead on a date so that you can create a smooth and unforgettable experience for both of you.

You will master how to engage women at the speed of life and create a lifelong social practice that will deliver massive dating and social abundance.


Become a Social Pro

Relating to women, making them laugh, and making deeper connections can come naturally. You'd only need to practice the skills it takes to be a social man and embrace the art of flirting.

Devote your time and energy to 12 two-hour sessions with me and watch your dating life transform before you. In addition to these sessions, you will get a clear-cut action plan for 12 more sessions you go through on your own. What you can expect:

  • Confidence to Approach Women Anywhere, Anytime
  • Learning the Natural Art of Connection
  • Becoming a Flirt
  • Designing the Lifestyle You Want

Create the dating life you've always desired. If you truly invest in this course, assert yourself and follow my Social BluePrint, you'll find that conversing and connecting with incredible women will become effortless, enjoyable and natural.

Start your transformation now! Schedule a FREE consultation call.

"John is an amazing coach. I have had the privilege to work with him on my communication skills in the past. He has worked on me big time to help stay in the present. And trust me he is extremely good at what he does. To anyone who is considering John, it’s a big big thumbs up! "

- Varun Chandan

"John is an amazing guy who teaches you skills that stay with you for life. You ultimately learn how to shut off the imaginary fears that hold you back to let your natural seduction skills flow."

- Anton Vines

"John is the real deal..  I have seen him change the lives of many of my friends.  If you listen to John (and he will be hard on you if you need it), you will meet your next girlfriend and dream girl."

- Steve

"Have worked with John Keegan online and in person.  He's a true artist when it comes to social connection and an incredible teacher.  Regardless of your level of success in dating and women I'd recommend working with him to hit another level of authenticity and joy in your everyday interactions with women.  Cheers John! Thanks for everything."

- Ethan Drower

"Did the 5 day Transformation course with John and his crew down in Miami. They really helped me push through my limiting beliefs and helped me to expand my comfort zone as well which led to multiple dates with different women that I met during the length of the course. The invaluable feedback I received from them made me realize what I was good at and what I needed to work on. I would highly recommend working with John and his elite crew to anyone. It's an experience that will literally change your life for the better."

- J L

"John is an amazing coach when it comes to social connection. He has a very laid back approach to coaching which allows his students to feel completely comfortable, and he is very professional and dedicated to his students' success."

- Matthew Pupa

"I can't say enough good things about my time with John Keegan. We all want the best for our money. John is that best. Great guy, no nonsense, 100% results. Total game change - there is nobody better."

- Jack

"One walk with John changed my life.  Highly recommend it. He's the real deal in an industry full of pretenders."

- Cliff Small

Meet Your Coach

John Keegan is a dating coach and expert based in New York City. He runs The Awakened Lifestyle, where he uses his expertise in dating, attraction, and social dynamics to help men and women develop dating and social skills. He teaches and holds international dating workshops from Los Angeles to London and Rio de Janeiro to Prague. His work has been featured in the New York Times, Humans of New York, and Men's Health.

His vision as a dating coach is to empower people to express themselves fully and live their desired dating life. To learn to truly connect in this age of social media and to experience beauty, intimacy and playfulness in the smallest moments.

John's been helping people all around the world solve dating problems and create deep and meaningful connections for the last 15 years. His mission is to share his findings and the hope of new possibilities with those who have yet to experience it.

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