Master the art of
Dating in 5 Weeks

Having positive exchanges and experiences with women is a skill and a habit. Tap into my years of discovery and start actually enjoying your dating life!

In 10 two-hour Sessions You will Learn To...


Become The Real You/Empowered & Confident


Dominate Social Situations


Cultivate Authentic Habits

Through a 5 week process of 10 one-on-one coaching sessions, you'll find that you can have success in dating, build the habit of socializing, a integrate connection into your life naturally and authentically.

Two happy couples eating pizza and enjoying sunny afternoon at the terrace

Become a Social Pro

Relating to women, making them laugh, and making deeper connections can come naturally. You just have to practice the skills it takes to be a social man and embrace the art of flirting.

Devote 48 hours of real work to one-on-one sessions with world-renowned dating expert John Keegan. In addition to these sessions, John will give you a clear cut plan-of-action for 12 more sessions you go through on your own.

Create the dating life you thought wasn't possible. If you truly invest and assert yourself and follow my Social BluePrint you'll find that conversing and connecting with incredible women can be enjoyable and natural.

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