Request New York's most highly sought-after lifestyle coach to teach your team or audience to have more confidence in themselves, their results, and their lives. 

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From coaching thousands of people across the globe to hosting online seminars, John brings real engagement to his events. He has been featured, interviewed, and published on some of America's top news outlets.

If you're ready to leave feeling inspired, confident, motivated, and more connected, don't wait - book Jon for your next event. 

What You Learn From a Chat With John

Topics and skills your audience will engage in. 

  • Eliminating limiting Beliefs
  • How to set & achieve your Goals
  • How to create & realize your ultimate vision
  • How to realize & use your instincts
  • Connect with yourself, the environment &people around you
  • Building Confidence,Presence and Charisma
  • How to be effective in networking
  • Learning to listen, relate & respond
  • Learning the Art of the Flow
  • Understanding Mindsets of people
  • Learning to love the process over the outcome
  • How to lead in the workplace
  • How to be an effective communicator
  • how to create lasting & impactful relationships.
  • Ownership of your role & accountability
  • How to be the Connector



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