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Whether its a keynote address at your University, speaking to your Employees at your company or collaborating on a product launch, John brings a lot of value to your audience. John has coached thousands of people through his workshops and seminars worldwide. His Audience has always left more confident, inspired, motivated and more connected. John has been featured, interviewed and published on Americas top news outlets which makes him undoubtedly Americas most recognized self development and lifestyle coach.


What John Brings to your Audience

  • Eliminating limiting Beliefs
  • How to set and achieve your Goals
  • How to create and realize your ultimate vision
  • How to realize and use your instincts
  • How to connect with yourself,the environment and the people around you
  • Building Confidence,Presence and Charisma
  • How to be effective in networking
  • Learning to listen,relate and respond
  • Learning the Art of the Flow
  • Understanding Mindsets of people
  • Learning to love the proscess over outcome
  • How to lead in the workplace
  • How to be an effective communicator
  • how to create lasting and impactful relationships.
  • Ownership of your role and Accountability
  • How to be the Connector




Product Launches

Brand Collabrations

  • World-renowned dating coach John Keegan being featured in Brandon Stanton's Humans of New York
  • Fox and Friends interviews New York City based dating coach and expert John Keegan
  • Spike TV asks award-winning dating coach and expert John Keegan how to meet women
  • NYC Dating coach and Relationship Expert John Keegan is featured in Men's Health on how to meet women at a bar
  • Roger Hailes from Mansome interviews dating coach and expert John Keegan on how to meet women without pickup
  • The New York Times features world-renowned dating coach and instructor John Keegan as the ladies man
  • New York City Dating Expert and Relationship Coach John Keegan featured in Entrepreneur magazine
  • New York Magazine features NYC top dating coach and expert John Keegan
  • New York's best dating coach and relationship expert John Keegan in the Huffington Post

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