4-day transformation

A total dating immersion experience for men.

Anywhere Is a Good Place to Meet Women

In this course, we'll visit places you never thought you could meet quality women: Parks, coffee shops, supermarkets, bookstores, and even out on the street! You will meet and connect with the world's most amazing women in these places.

Through enlightening seminar-style teaching, powerful visualizations, and real in-field practice, you will master meeting incredible women anywhere you go.


Build Confidence & Charisma


Thrive in New Social Situations


Understand What Women Really Want

Young smiling woman flirting with man during billiard game

Stop Letting Fear Guide Your Dating life.

This is Your Time To Break The Pattern.

Get ready for 4 days of growing, getting out of your comfort zone, and having a complete blast. In this dating course, you'll take the steps towards becoming the man who connects with extraordinary women naturally.

Change the way you approach dating forever. What are you waiting for? Spots for this experience are incredibly limited, because of the in-depth, hands-on nature of the course. John and the other Trainers keep the client to coach ratio incredibly low.

Free Live Event: The Social Gym. Click here to up your social game now!
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