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John Keegan is a world-renowned dating coach that created the NYC-based coaching service the Awakened Lifestyle. He has been featured across the press in publications such as the New York Times, Fox and Friend, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Humans of New York among several others. John is well-known for his unique dating insights and tips as well as his powerful coaching methods that create fast transformations. 

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John taught me how to enjoy meeting new people and in general to be more friendly! My patients definitely like this side of me more also. 🙂 Anyhow, it wasn't till about 3 months after my last session I met the girl I am currently dating and things are going really well, I feel both internally and externally fulfilled in life...

and I can't thank John enough.

-- Roy, Manhattan NY

Between the cute things he said and the appealingly approachable way he came across - with a sheepish smile and a slouchy aw-shucks carriage, - I thought: There's really something very charming about him.

Besides, I really like the idea of flirting as playfulness.

-- Maura Kelly, Marie Claire Magazine

He teaches guys to get girls.

He’s got a good heart.

I came into this expecting he’d be manipulative, but it’s really not like that at all. He just loves people. He loves talking to people. It isn’t just girls. He loves talking to everyone.

-- Brandon Stanton, Humans of NY

 "After my breakup, I didn't know where to start, but I knew if I want to learn to golf, I hire the best golf coach in the world, if I want to learn guitar, I hire the best guitar teacher in the world, if I want to learn how to be charming, I hire the best dating coach in the world."

 -- Bill, Entrepreneur

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