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The Mastery Course (6 weeks 12 Sessions)

Finer tuning, deeper insights, additional practice and consultation.
If you want the pinnacle of success, you can supplement an additional four sessions to the transformation course. That’s an additional eight hours, not to mention the personal experience you gain in your private investment in your success.

By no means is Mastery right for everyone. The Transformation Course is sufficient to achieve massive success in this area. But if you are among the few whose drive matches their commitment on the highest level, who want to augment their success with peak excellence, this program is designed with you in mind.

Here are a few reasons why Mastery could be the right investment for you:

Additional experience: Every hour you spend in the real world builds on the hour before. With an additional 16 hours of experience (with and without me at your side) after 32 hours of mastering the fundamentals of the Transformation Course, your social skills will start to grow exponentially. 4 additional sessions in the real world, continuing to observe and be observed by me, learning new distinctions, principles and techniques, will accelerate your learning curve to a level of social and dating success cannot imagine.
Additional consultation: As your experience and skill grows, so do the challenges and questions that arise. Moreover, by the time you complete 32 hours of practice, there are very few people with more real world experience to give you the perspective you need. Just as I will give you insight and consultation when you start from scratch, I have thousands of my own hours of practice to draw from as you reach road blocks on an advanced level.
Higher value investment
How to Begin Your Journey to Mastery

As with the Transformation Course, this is a profound investment in yourself, and I don’t want you to commit to anything before you get a chance to talk to me over the phone and discuss any questions or reservations you might have about the program.

This consultation ($97 value) is free of charge and will be value-packed whether or not you take on the course. Just shoot an e-mail to info@theawakenedlifestyle.com with the word “Mastery” in the subject line, including some times you might be available.

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