The Essence of Attraction

If you want to understand attraction, you need to know the essence of attraction.

This is a simple formula. Attraction is to pull. It’s the ability to bring things to you. Not to chase after it, not to run after it. Although, you might run down the street after a girl you’re attracted to, if you know how to do it right, if you can attract her and can make her want to be a part of your world , she will chase after you.

The point is this; you are attracting people, events, and things that are happening right now into your life. When you have a muddy vision or no vision at all, there’s nothing that can really come to you except the same thing you already have. There’s nothing new and exciting that can come if you have no vision, just little things that will happen to you from time to time.

You want to pick a vision and feel good about it. You want to find something that gets you going and feel good about it. It doesn’t have to be the grandest one; it just has to be something you’re excited about. It could be as small as, I’m going to start learning about art. It could be as small as, I’m going to start learning about tea. It can be as small as, I’m going to go get some new clothes so I feel cool. You’re going to put some energy around it. I want to change. I want to be judged differently and see how that feels. It can be as big as, I want to build an empire, you know? It could be as big as, I want to have a family with three kids. It could anything.

But really, to be attractive to another, you have to be interested in your own life, and that allows you to be Interesting.

Have you ever heard someone say that? That guy is interesting. You know why he’s interesting? Because he’s interested in his life. And you know why else he’s interesting? Because he can talk about it. He can share about it. He can tell stories about it, right? And he can share about it with enthusiasm, with passion, and it moves people, it engages people. In fact, he can utterly rivet people and sometimes, if you’re really passionate, you’ll change the way people see the world forever, and change the way they themselves conduct their lives. Isn’t that an amazing thought? I think so.

Then, also, you don’t only want to be interested in your own life. You want to be interested in other people’s lives.

It’s not all about you; it’s about the other person too. In fact, the more you can listen to people, the more you can see what they’re feeling and thinking, the more you can empathize and relate to them. If you can do that, you can connect with them. You can make them feel safe and good, and like they’re going to grow, and when they’re around you they’ll feel lightness and at ease.

Ultimately, the reason why people will feel great round you is because you feel great about being you.

That is the essence of attraction, being interested in your life, and being interested in others.

Looking forward,

John keegan


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