Who’s Dream are You Dreaming?

“Dream beyond the dreams you were given and I will Dream with you.”

We have job titles, or we have aspirations to have a certain job title, whether it be doctor, lawyer, rock star, actor, or accountant. It’s our identity. We start dreaming that one day we’ll be super rich, and one day we’ll be super this, or super that. One day I’ll be married and have three babies. One day I’ll have sex with a hundred women, or 200 women, or 300 women, or 1 million women, or every woman in the world.

We all seem to have these same dreams. Where do they come from, and who’s giving them? Why do we have them?

There’s really no such thing as an accountant, or an actor, or doctor, or lawyer. They’re all made up professions, and they only keep some identity. They revolve around that, they live around that, and usually cause great suffering around that. One of the hardest things you can come to grips with when you look at your daily doings, and what you’re doing, and what you’re striving for, or struggling with, is to think about, where is this coming from? This idea that I wanted to be an actor, or a movie star. That this was the ultimate deal? Where does this dream come from? Who put these in there?

Everything was already designed before you were here. Our computers, phones, TV, what streets you walk down…everything you see. We just sort of mold ourselves into it. We dream dreams through the possibilities that the world presents us with.

Today’s thought of the day is: Who’s dream am I dreaming? Then challenge yourself to see who you see beyond form, beyond any job, or title.

For example:
My essence is to play…to move people, to help them see what they couldn’t see before, to create. That can manifest in many ways and in many job titles…
What is your essence? Once you know your essence, everything you do whether it’s connecting with new people, paying for a meal, or working a day job, you will feel connected to who you really are. Connected to purpose.

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