A Gentleman Is A Gentleman With Everybody (Not Just Hot Bodies)

So Many men divide women into categories. “She’s a 10” or “there’s a 6” I often hear them say. This is called Objectification and it’s dehumanizing. Whats more it blocks you from being an authentic man. You only relate to people based on the number value you have given them. So if you deem her to be a low number than you just ignore or mistreat. You claim to be Mr. Charisma around a “6” but just clam up around a “10”. The only way you relate to people is with an objective. It’s completely immature and ego driven.

Imagine instead, treating all people with admiration and kindness. Imagine instead, that all people are beautiful and have something you can find to appreciate about them. A gentleman is a gentleman with everybody.  See how you feel about yourself and how you feel being social with women then. Instead of dividing them up and categorizing them…uplift women and appreciate them. In this video, I take it even further…

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