The Opposite Sex is Not Your Enemy or Your Opposite

It’s been going on for a long time. It’s like we’ve been hearing phrases like, “the battle of the sexes” forever.

Lately, it’s come even more into our everyday lives; it’s men versus women and women versus men. Men are out to get women, and women are out to get men. Separating us and dividing us all because of a small chromosomal difference. It seems marketers and politicians are dividing us all for their own short-sighted agendas. One is evil and one is good. One is the prey and one is the hunter. One is a bad boy and one is a good girl.


All these labels are stopping us from really being who we are and from really connecting.

Just one more thing to separate us. Just one more thing to divide us.

One more thing to bring hate into our lives.

The opposite sex is not your enemy. The opposite sex is just like you, filled with wants, needs, and desires yearning to be met.

She is not your enemy. He is not your foe.

It’s so important to see that we just need to align with each other’s wants, needs, and desires instead of amplifying some minute differences.

It’s so much better to see everyone you meet as a human being with their own struggles.

It’s so much better to empathize with each other.

Stop taking the easy way out, which is, “Oh, he’s a man,” or, “Oh, she’s a woman.”

Stop using blanket statements like, “Men are evil” or, “Women are takers.”
Let’s instead talk to each other, say hi, and find out who each individual is, and what inspires them.

Become someone who appreciates people for who they are; someone who loves them, cares about them, and wants to share their wants, needs and desires and find unity.
That sounds like a beautiful way to see the world.

It’s easy to find ways to separate. It’s easy to look for ways to vilify the opposite sex, but that doesn’t lead to happiness for anyone.
Instead of finding ways to separate, look for the beauty in others, even when it’s difficult.
The opposite sex is not your enemy.

I’ll see you later,

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