Practicing The Power Of Now (The Social Practice)

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is perhaps the most profound book ever written.
It’s all about how to become one with the present moment, how to live life to its fullest, and to its richest.

He teaches us that by letting go of past stories and future projections we can learn to be exactly where we are when we are there. He shows a way to bring stillness into our lives.
Imagine if we could become fully present wherever we were, at any time we wish, with whomever we are with.We could elevate ourselves in the social realm to new levels we never thought possible!


Imagine being social as a spiritual practice, as a way to meditate. Imagine being social not only as a way to connect with other human beings and fulfill your worldly desires like sex, love, intimacy, and friendship, but as way to become more present.

We can use being social as a way to let go of past stories and future projections. We can be social as a way to be fully present, and we can be social as a break from the incessant stream of thinking that is going on inside of our minds.
That’s exactly what being social and flirting is to me. That’s exactly how I’ve been teaching it since 2007.

Practicing being social as a way to connect with other human beings has a much bigger purpose than just your own worldly needs.

The bigger purpose is self-actualization.

The bigger purpose is being fully present, and there is nothing more important than being fully present.

When you’re fully present, you are who you really are. You are the beautiful, attractive, light-hearted, loving being you were born to be.

The you without all of the extra baggage and limiting beliefs.

That’s what you can bring to every single conversation that you have with every single person, with every single woman, that you meet. You can give her the gift of bringing her out of her mind, out of her incessant stream of obsession with the past and future projections. Even if it’s just for one moment, you can give her that. You can give her that gift, of bringing her into the present moment.
That’s the beauty. You win, no matter what the outcome. Whether you guys go on and create a story together that lasts another 20 minutes, or another hour, or a week, or a year, or a lifetime, or if it’s just that one single moment, you win. That’s a gift we can give to anyone anytime… the gift of presence.
What an amazing human being you will be, and what an amazing thing to do for other people.  That’s one of your prime intentions, to bring others into the now.

We look at being social and flirting as a spiritual practice. It is through dealing with people, not avoiding them, that we can transcend our ego.

Today, go out and say hi to five people. Give five people some compliments without wanting anything at all in return, and keep on walking.

Be present and practice the power of now.

I’ll see you out there,


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