Is Your Life Like Being John Malkovich?

In Being John Malkovich, a shy man goes out and tries to express himself by becoming a puppet master.  He’s the master of all of the puppets, but with people and with women, he can’t assert himself in any way.

And then somehow he ends up inside of John Malkovich’s head to get close to the woman he loves. He spends his whole life stuck inside someone else’s psyche and he can’t express himself, and he can only ever see the woman he loves, and never say or do what he wants.

Is your life like being John Malkovich?

You constantly get friend zoned, you constantly stand in front of a beautiful woman being treated like another woman instead of being treated like a man.

If that’s true, that’s because you’re not expressing what you’re feeling, you’re not fully expressing what you’re seeing when you’re seeing it.

You not letting your feelings out when they arise.

If this is you, you are ruled by fear.

The fear that you might insult her, that she won’t approve of you.

That is not serving you, and that is certainly not serving her.

As a woman, her needs are not being met. So therefore, she’s now put you in the category of, “he doesn’t meet my needs, but I like him, so I’ll put him in my friend boy/girlfriend category, or I’ll just dismiss him altogether.”

To be clear, you’re not serving any purpose whatsoever by not expressing yourself…ever.


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