Core Attraction: The Key Is Vibrant Health

If it didn’t live or grow…Don’t eat it!

That was great advice given to me by Jeffrey Rose, the world famous hypnotist.  If it didn’t live or grow, don’t eat it.

So, if it didn’t grow out of the ground, it’s not worth eating, and if it didn’t live, if it wasn’t wild and caught and literally lived a life, not in a cage being fed antibiotics and hormones, it didn’t live. That’s just not actually alive; that stuff is poisonous and toxic.


So if you’re going to eat meat or fish, it’s got to be a former wild animal, wild caught.  And of course, that’s difficult to get.  You won’t get it at almost any restaurant and you won’t get it at Subway.  You can get them in the organic section of the supermarket, and you can get them in Farmer’s markets; places like that.  And you have to educate yourself on the difference.

So this is the thing about food.  You have to look at it as a lifestyle choice.  It’s not, I’m going to get skinnier one day; it’s all about feeling amazing, vibrant health.  So if you get locked into calling yourself a certain kind of a diet; I’m the South Beach Diet guy, or I’m the raw food guy, or I’m the Paleo guy, or I’m the Body for Life guy, or I’m this diet, then you’re already in a dogmatic path which is most likely destructive because the diet becomes more important than the end goal.  And the end goal is vibrant health.

When you have vibrant health, you feel amazing feelings.  You have feelings of wellness, Feelings of optimal you, and your brain is functioning at an amazing level.  Your serotonin and dopamine are firing off, and you look at the world in a positive way, and you feel good about life, and you feel good about your friends and family, and yourself, and your future.

This is vibrant health, and when you feel vibrant health, you feel like you’re not aging yet, you feel young and more agile than you did yesterday.  You feel faster today than you did yesterday. You feel leaner today than you did yesterday.  You feel amazing.  You feel like you’re getting better every moment.  You feel like you’re getting better every day.  When you shift your mind-set into this vibrant health lifestyle, this is what happens.  Then when you look at food, you don’t look at it in terms of calories or if I’m getting fatter.  You look at it in terms of, is it feeding every cell in my body?  Is it creating the optimal John?  Is it creating the optimal me?  Is it going to up my energy in a way that lasts?  Is it going to young me or age me; this is the way you look at it.

The cleaner the food is, the more organic it is, the more green it is, the more natural it is, the less hybrid it is, the less genetically modified it is, the purer it is.  The purer it is when it goes into your body, the purer your body will be, the purer your mind will be, your thoughts and your emotions will be, and the purer your energetic frequency will be.

This lies at the core of all attraction.  And you will be pure, pulling beautiful, pure things to you, beautiful pure people to you, on the same high frequency.  Imagine living life this way, stepping into this, striving towards this and becoming this.  Imagine becoming this guy, this person, this woman, this you.

The real you.  The best you.  The authentic, genuine you.

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