He Stood In A Dusty Room (Financial Insecurity)

“He stood in a dusty room… he looked around and saw no doors”

So you’re in a spot in your life where you don’t feel like you have it all together.

Maybe it’s in your mind, or maybe it’s very real.

Maybe you’re going through a bankruptcy. Maybe you still haven’t found your career. Maybe the career you’ve tried so hard to get into hasn’t brought you the kind of money you wanted, and you feel like you’re not worthy of a good, wholehearted, beautiful woman in your life, or beautiful women.

Perhaps these thoughts make you feel you’re not as attractive as you would be if you had that area taken care of. Maybe you believe you need to have great wealth in order to attract women.

That’s completely not true.

I can tell you, I’ve worked with all kinds of guys with great wealth, and it didn’t make them more attractive to the average, cool girl who has her own life, much to the dismay of my wealthy client.

And I can also tell you I have lived an interesting life. I was a
low-paid actor for 10 years. I rented a dusty room on the upper west side amidst a hoarder’s lair. From that place, I began my journey, and I dated some of the world’s most beautiful, interesting, and affluent women.

And I did it just by the power of being a truly authentic man. I gave each woman the rare gift of being listened to, related with, and accepted for who they were, and therefore I deeply connected with her.

I can be honest, and I can say that at one point, when a woman gets more involved with you, she really wants to know about your finances. She wants to know if you’re going to be able provide an excellent life.

But you don’t need to have arrived…

All you have to do is have a plan!

She needs to know that you have a plan for your life, and that you’re going to have a cool lifestyle and that she can be a part of it.

As long as she can see that and believe in you, then you’re golden with any quality girl.

The first thing you need to do is…own this life! Own where you’re at, own everything that’s happened in your life, and make it good.
Back then, the apartment I lived in literally looked like an old burned out husk. Instead of being ashamed and apologizing for it…I owned it! I spray painted on the walls. I splattered art on the walls, and I made it like an artist’s den. Instead of saying, oh here’s my shithole, I said here’s my strange cool place!

I took complete ownership of it, and that’s what you need to do. When you own your life and make what you have awesome, you have fun being you.

Your frequency transitions from lack to abundance, and you became infinitely more attractive.

Then when you bring a girl into your awesome life that you are living right now, she will be excited to be with you.

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