Get Into The Ultimate State: The State of Authenticity

I often hear guys say “I have to get into state”. Like there is this magic state to get into where you can finally be yourself.

The state they are often trying to get into a super high energy (almost fanatic state), like they are at a frat party and had 10 beers.

There are some popular “pua coaches”  who’s main teaching is to get into this animal state and then just go up and basically be aggressive. There are several problems with this model. The main one i(not to mention about 30 other problems) s you don’t actually learn how to become a great communicator.
While its important to get out of your head and into the moment, you don’t need to hump a tree in public to do it.
You also don’t need to annoy the entire city in the process of you trying to learn to meet women. You can actually do it subtly and highly effective when you understand there is only one state you need to be in.
Your mood, energy, emotions, and the situation are changing all the time but one thing must remain constant; Your willingness to be AUTHENTIC at all times: even in (especially in) the face of rejection.
In This Video My Friend and fellow dating coach David Wygant will show you the way.

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