Breaking The Literal Pattern: How To Not Be Boring

Today I want to share with you one of the Core Principles of my teaching. It’s a concept I call “Breaking The Literal Pattern”. Once you understand it and master it every conversation with any women, in fact with anybody, will be unique and interesting. Its the way to fun and its the way to deep connections.

‚ÄčThe Literal Pattern Is “that which is expected”. For Example: A girl in a bookstore says to you “what do you do?” and you answer literally “I am in finance” or whatever your job is. At that point you have labeled yourself, revealed little about you, and stopped being engaging. When you learn to “Break The Literal Pattern” at every turn you can engage her and pull her into your world.
When you break the literal she becomes highly engaged and getting to know you becomes fun and interesting. One of the biggest sub communications is “I am not seeking your approval” or “non-neediness”. For example: she says, “what do you do” and you respond simply by saying “guess” or “ill give you 3 hints and see if you can guess”. You have already made the conversation fun and given her the opportunity to really engage with you.

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