How To Develop Your Own Social Practice

World renowned dating coach John Keegan shares his amazing journey towards self-actualization through meeting and connecting with women genuinely and authentically. Here, he talks about his mindset and attitude towards the importance of being authentic in communicating with and attracting women and how that has deeply transformed his life. John’s take on what many in the pick up community call inner game is outlined below:

1. The game of men and women meeting and connecting emotionally and sexually is not a made up game but a natural one. It is not about pick up and seduction, but instead a matter of finding your natural instincts and getting good at it.

2. There is no such thing as rejection (elaboration in point 4). Despite the fears you may have about rejection and loss with women, it is an idea that you can actually learn to have fun with and play with, which often allows you to turn what seems like rejection into opportunity.

3. Sex is a good and natural part of a healthy life. Just like you need to eat, as a human being you also need sex to be healthy. Often, sex is seen as something that is not politically correct, but in reality, it is a natural and healthy human desire. This means you have the right to own these desires.

4. The process of becoming better at meeting, connecting with, and attracting women is about more than just sex. It is a process of self-actualization and stepping into your job as a man. This means that meeting women is not about taking something from her or an outcome. It is about your relationship with you and because of this, the outcome doesn’t matter. By approaching women and facing your fears, you are stepping into your actualized self. Every time you talk to a women and confront your fears irrelevant of the outcome, you win.

5. The one constant is you. Throughout your journey, women will come and go, but you will always be with you. The key is to always be growing as a person because then every experience will make you stronger and in turn you will become more powerful and more attractive bring higher quality women and experiences into your life.

The five beliefs above will empower you to confidently approach women and be an attractive man with strong “inner game”.

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