Attracting The Right People Into Your Life – Low Energy Vibrating People


Attraction mean to pull.  We pull people that our like ourselves into our life experience.

As a man its your role in nature and still in society to make the approach and take all the risk in getting to know her.  But that doesn’t mean that just because you said “hi” to her that you actually want her in your life in any way.

When I say hi to someone I am qualifying them.  I am qualifying them to the see if they are open, fun, and have a high frequency.  If you are relaxed and aware you will be able to see beyond physical attraction if the person is actually someone that would benefit your life.  But most guys keep pushing and trying to fit a circle where a square should be.

As a man who is on an evolving path of self actualization you are on the highest path.  You are leaving behind your small self and creating a high frequency life.  But many many people are not on that path and are living in a low vibration.  When you try to connect with them it usally feels bad.  We often take it personally but you never should.  Instead be fearless in connecting with beautfiul women who live a high frequency life.

In this video I really get into it…

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