Men Using Status To “Get” Women

Whenever we label ourselves or others it creates an immediete disconnect. It removes the possibilty of a true connection and the deep intimacy we crave.

As men we are often taught,  we are what we do. We are what we have. We are what we have acheived. So many men try to use status or percieved status to get women to be into them.

I’ve seen Dr’s confused as to why the women werent coming around, now that they had the “status”.I’ve seen hedge fund presidents in the same perdicement. Even celebreated artist and musicians, not getting what they thought they should. 

The other side of it is the guy who never feels like he has the right status to connect with the women he wants to be with.  So he doesn’t take the risk to talk to them or even try to connect with the women he’s attracted to.  He doesn’t feel like he deserves her.

So he puts it off into the imaginary future when he will have all the money and status.

It’s a losing paradigm and theres no way to win. You will never feel real love or deep intimacy and you will always feel unsafe.

I’ll teach a better way in this video…

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