Video: Memory Motel

Hi Guys,

we all have a vision of greatest self!  But how many of us actually make a plan to create our best life?  Few.

For most of us life is just happening to us.   We become victim to circumstance and events.  Our daily experiences become dulled.  We don’t actually live out the life experience we know we could.

Memories that could have been amazing become filled with regret.

Memories that could be amazing stories of inspiration and happiness become filled with shame.

Memories of past traumas keep us stuck in a loop of mediocrity.

What could be more important than the experiences you fill your life with?

When you ask yourself this simple question:  “Am I experiencing the life I really want?” do you feel great about the answer?

In this video I inspire you to live out the greatest life of all time.

Looking forward,


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