The Interpreter (The Man Inside Your Head)

Hi Guys,

I hope you enjoying your summer! I’m on the Croatian coast right now; Adventuring, hanging with good friends, and working on the creative side of my business.

I’ll be back in NYC Soon…

The 5 Day Transformation Course is September 7-11th.   I will share more about that in the coming days…

Today, I want to share a video on inner game and the man that lives inside our head.

I call him “The Interpreter”.  He interprets every event as it unfolds.  Through him you see the world and feel it too.

Often, when it comes to women, we tend interpret every event as negative!  Every thing she does or doesn’t do is a reason for us not to proceed. We take what she does and personalize it.  We make a story why she doesn’t like us and get the hell out of there.

But guys who have great success with connecting with women they don’t do this.  They Interpret the events another way altogether…

Looking forward,


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