Game Isn’t Real!

A few years ago I worked with a client who was in his late 30’s.

He had a successful business and was a really really smart guy.  He’d  come out of a bad relationship a few years before and went on a journey to better himself and meet the women he really wanted to date.

In that process,  he inevitable stumbled into the “pickup” world.  He threw down the money and hired the most famous pick up artist in the world.  You know who he is…

Although he found himself talking to more women.  He felt more disconnected to himself than ever.   He felt heavy and to be honest his energy was dark.

One day we met at a conference I was speaking at and when he heard me speak he knew that I offered something completely and totally unique.

He asked If he could do one on one coaching with me and I took him on.

During one of our sessions a light bulb turned on.  His paradigm on connecting with women had been shattered.  Suddenly he became playful and lighthearted.  His entire energy changed.  He even looked younger.

As we went up and down the street connecting in with girl after girl and making them light up and smile.  He exclaimed.  “I get it now, all these other guys have these rules, this game, and for you there is no game, there are no rules”.

Up until that point he had been essentially playing a video game or dungeons and dragons.

Now he had discovered “the flow”.  For the first time, in a long time, he was having fun being himself.

In This Video,  I tell you why “Game Isn’t Real” and I’ll tell you what is real!



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