The Worlds Most Misunderstood Men (Mic.com)

Hi Guys,

I am featured in this article on mic.com.  Its an interesting article that sheds light on a lot of the low frequency guys who are part of the “pick up world”.

The article ends with me as an alternative.  I never was a part of that world and I never want to be.  I’ve got to speak along side and get to know guys who come from that point of view.  Some of them are really are def not my kind of guy.  Some of them mean well. But all of its pretty limited.

Like you, perhaps, I’ve always come from a point of view that I want to become who I really am.  My coaching has always been from a  holistic point of view.  Thats why I started with the title “The Awakened Lifestyle”.  It’s more than picking up women, its more than have a great sex life, its more than having an amazing girlfriend, its about living an awakened lifestyle.

An Awakened lifestyle is one where you are connected to your core instincts and have shed away your limits.  An awakened man has come to self acceptance and lives by his interest and passions.  He transcends victimhood and take full ownership of his role in nature and society.

He envisions the life he wants to live and sets forth to live it.

Read Here: https://mic.com/articles/135918/the-fall-of-the-pickup-artist-inside-the-world-of-the-world-s-most-misunderstood-men#.1xLNXtS4E

Looking forward,


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