How to Connect with Strangers – John Keegan in Havanna, Cuba

One of my greatest pleasures is taking me and my ability to meet and connect with people on the road.  I love to just land in a strange city and make my way.  Sometimes I go to places where no one speaks English.

I often hear men tell me they have gone to a country and they couldn’t meet anyone because nobody knows English. But when I go I make endless connections. 

It all goes back to my teachings, which I practice.  It’s about the process and not an outcome.  It’s about the energy you put out and not about the words you say. 

And it’s very possible to connect and have fun with women beyond words. 

The first thing you have to know is, Everything is risk!  You’ve got to get out of your comfort zone. 

We have to constantly do it. 

If we don’t, we get stagnant and we attract stuck energy!   

In order, to connect with women around the world, in languages you don’t even speak, you’ve got tap into the flow.  And you have to learn to express yourself beyond words.  Attraction has nothing to do with words.  They are just tools to connect.  But the real connections come beyond words.

See what I mean, by watching this fun video of me walking around the streets of Havana Cuba.

Adventure Awaits,


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