How To Recreate Your Identity (Live From Kiev)

Hey guys,

I hope you are enjoying your summer. I’ve been traveling and coaching around Europe. Right now I am back in NYC. Forgive me for not sharing more. It’s something I will be a lot better at! I often get into my flow or get so busy coaching and or working on my book that I don’t communicate with you guys all the amazing things that are happening.

In this video, I talk about living out an a powerful self image and recreating your Identity from your infinite essence. It’ important to watch this one for any of you guys who feel you lack confidence or feel you not living as authentically as you could be. The other great reason is…You will date the women you really desire when you operate from this place : )

Looking forward,


PS. If you are interested in working with me. Contact me ASAP. I have room for 1 client for my Mastery Course (one on one) this month. https://theawakenedlifestyle.com/dating-coaching-for-men/

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