Take The Reins In
Your Dating Experience

Learn how to disregard limiting beliefs and guide your dating experiences the way you want. Get ready to starting actually having fun in dating!

In Your Sessions with John You’ll Learn:


Communicate Who You Are


Screen The Men You Meet


Learn How to Read His Mind

Create a fulfilling lifestyle, and start leaning into the adventure and spontaneity of authentic socializing. Showing who you truly are really is the greatest path to deeper connection.

Happy Couple In Love Having Fun On Street. Beautiful Smiling Young Man And Woman Embracing, Laughing And Spending Time Together Outdoors. Romantic Relationships. High Resolution.

Pinpoint & Remove Roadblocks in Your Love Life

It's easy to feel stuck. Finding guys with potential in a big city can be daunting.

Give yourself 8 sessions with John, and you'll find yourself succeeding.

Since every woman is unique, I only work one-on-one with you. Together we will create an action plan that is designed specifically for you, so you can see immediate changes to your dating life!

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