How To Set Up The “Date”

Setting Up The Date
The second best thing to the instant date is to set up a time and a place for a later date. This is really important.  This is a way to see how solid your interaction was, to let her know that this is a romance between a man and a woman.  So, for example, one thing I might say is, “Hey, it was really great meeting you.  You are really fun.” Again, a validation.  Then, ask her, “Hey, we should hang out, again, some time.”  This way, you start off somewhat large and non-committal about it, and then, as she says yes, you say, “Great, do you like wine or tea?” For example, “Do you like wine?”  She says yes.  You say, “Have you ever heard of such-and-such cafe. It’s a really laid back, chill place.  They have great wine and we can kind of just go as we are.” If she says she hasn’t heard of it, you say, “I think it would be fun if we checked it out.” If she says okay, then you pause and say, “Well, today is Friday.  I’m free Sunday around 7:30, 8:00,” to which she is either going to say yes or no.   If she says yes, great. She may say no and at that point, she may not offer a time, or just say she’s busy. Once again, “Resist ye not evil,” and ask her the simple question, “When’s good?” If she responds back with a day or two, you think about it, and if you’re free one of those days, simply say, “Great, we’ll meet at that spot.” If she responds with “I’m really busy this week, I’m not really sure,” once again, we’re light and easy about it and we say, “great, no problem. We’ll touch base during the week. I’ll shoot you a text message Monday, or Tuesday, or something, and we’ll go from there.” Again, displaying that you’re a high value person, that you’re light and chill, that you’re not going to become needy at any time.

The most important thing you really do want to do, though, is set up a solid time and place. You can tell by her response and her reaction how solid your interaction was. Keeping that in mind, always know where you are, always have a chosen meet-up place (wine bar, chocolate shop, tea place).

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