She’s Says I’ll Take Your Number…Now What?

Her Taking your Number
The worst thing to do is allow her to take your number. Even though the girl enjoys your company and finds you to be attractive, she’s often says, “Well, I’ll take your number.” Maybe it’s a sign she feels like this is weird, or that she doesn’t want to appear easy to get. Maybe she’s not quite comfortable with you yet. Rather than looking at it as some kind of test, “Resist ye not evil,” once again, and simply say, “Great take my phone number,” then give it to her. As she takes it, say, “Now you call me and I’ll have yours. That’s fair, right?” She’ll usually say, “Okay,” and then you can say, playfully, if there’s more resistance, “One thing I know that my old ma taught me, it’s that it’s the boy’s job to call the girl.” And it IS your job. Once she takes the number, 99.9 out of 100 times, she will not call you. If it comes down to her not giving the number, you can simply just say, “Great, nice meeting you,” give her a hug goodbye, and say, “We’ll leave it up to serendipity.” Once again, you’re light, easy and cool, and, more importantly, you’re practicing this great energy and easiness about it, while learning from it.  

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