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I was recently interviewed by Aimbitous.com. They are an inspirational media site that empowers people throughout the world. The sites founder Scott Annan (author of AIMbitious: A Life of Enlightened Self-Leadership A New Philosophy on Living a Life of Passion, Purpose, and Ultimate Fulfillment) and journalist Caterina Andreano invited me for an depth interview that covers everything from meeting new people to forging powerful positive relationships.


John Keegan Dating Coach Interview:

Everyone knows there’s more to dating than meets the eye, but after you meet John Keegan, you’ll learn that there’s more to a dating coach, too. With a degree in psychology, a dream of acting, and a passion for spiritual books, John Keegan headed to New York City, and, along the way, founded his mission: “to meet, connect and build relationships in more meaningful ways, with new people, in everyday situations.”

His first test subject: himself. His pact was, “I will talk to five women everyday for the next three weeks.” This experiment, among other inspirations, such as reading Eckhart Tolle’s tome, The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment, and beginning to see every social interaction as if it were a play, became the foundation for his company the Awakened Lifestyle. John has now worked with hundreds of clients, personally teaching them how to “break the literal pattern,” or unsociable pattern, and how to connect with others.

He believes that the first step toward constructing any relationship is to learn about yourself. “The awakened lifestyle came from that. To connect to yourself, really know who you are and embrace yourself…then you become so easy to connect to,” he says. Only then can you learn about others and begin to have human interactions that lead to something more. His approach as a dating coach is so paramount because rather than trying to teach you immediately how to bond with others, John recognizes the importance of teaching you how to bond first with yourself. Once you truly know and embrace everything that you are, you get over that fear of rejection, and connect with others in new ways, deleting pick-up lines from your style, and integrating in-the-moment communication.

In an age where technology can take away from human interaction, Keegan’s philosophy becomes so important, especially because his advice isn’t restricted to dating. He aims to teach his clients how to interact with everyone–from the cashier at the coffee shop to the cute girl he meets at a bar. Keegan believes that learning to connect with others as people will help to create any desired dating style, and will successfully fill people’s lives with the social interaction and intimate relationships they crave.

Relationships require nurture and patience. Oftentimes, experience isn’t enough, and people need help learning to build relationships and connect with people on a different level, even in everyday situations. That’s why Keegan founded his company. His website offers free newsletters and tips from the dating coach himself, and if you desire a more personal connection, you can work with him one on one. Whether you have successful relationships or not, there’s something to be learned from Keegan’s methodology. After all, the whole process is about learning who you are so you can share mutual understanding and connection with others. But it comes from within first.


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