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The Era of Digital Love ❤️


The Era of Digital Love ❤️ Today we are living in the world of technology, and it’s a beautiful Era because we can click a few buttons on those glass screens of ours and all the sudden we’re speaking with a friend who lives on the other side of the planet. The world of letters,…

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The 30 Day Tinder Challenge

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I challenge you to delete every dating app and remove yourself from every online dating site for 30 days. These apps stop you from talking and connecting to women you really want to know. They delude you into thinking you have a social life. They keep you hooked on string of women who don’t really…

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Awaken To An Enlightened Relationship

Everyone knows there’s more to dating than meets the eye, but after you meet John Keegan, you’ll learn that there’s more to a dating coach, too. With a degree in psychology, a dream of acting, and a passion for spiritual books, John Keegan headed to New York City, and, along the way, founded his mission: “to meet, connect and build relationships in more meaningful ways, with new people, in everyday situations.”

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Beliefs and Body Language

Everything that we do or say comes from what’s going on inside of us. So often we look for external answers to resolve internal issues. As an expression of your internal state, body language is ultimately no different. Of course we can do external things that will internalize new habits within us, but we must first acknowledge that our beliefs are affecting our behavior, actions, words, and what the subtle things we are communicating beyond words.

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