Stories and Letting Go

All day, every day, everywhere people are telling stories. We’re wired to them. We love them. People tell them to reveal who they are, who they want to be, and to move us. We go and we watch them and we pay them lots of money and we review them. When we’re having the best times with our friends and family, we’re usually telling stories. They engage us. They’re fun. They uplift us. They give us a way to live, a way to release and to let go.

But, the real place that we tell stories is to ourselves, the story of who am I.

A lot of times there’s a series of stories or events that occurred over time that we choose to ascribe ourselves and identify with. A lot of times, there are stories that don’t serve us and we’re telling them to ourselves all day, every day, and we’re telling them to our friends and our family all day, every day, or maybe our friends and family are reinforcing them back to us. A lot of times, they’ll do that and tell us who we are through the stories that they know about us and that is the person that they know. The person we don’t really like being anymore.

Stories that serve us and the stories that don’t. When we go into the inner journey, we know we have to let go of these stories that don’t serve us any longer, like the story that I am not enough. I am not tall enough, I am not rich enough, I am not handsome enough, and I am not enough for whatever it is.

Ask yourself, do I keep saying I’m not enough? These are stories in your psyche. Stories that no one would ever want to hear– I’m not worth loving, or no one will ever love me, or I’m always trying so hard and not getting anything back. I’ve done it all and nothing works. I’ve been there, done that, nothing works. I’m talking about the stories with the energy of negativity, or the energy of damnation, or the energy of having given up, and this energy of negative frequency around it.

These stories have a powerful charge and they keep creating you, the you you don’t like. The you that’s stuck, the you that keeps seeing the same circumstance over and over even though you wish you could have a new one. The you that says, “Why can’t I be like that guy, why can’t I have that circumstance?” The you that says, “Why wasn’t I born to different parents?” That you. The you that finds yourself feeling depressed and anxious. The you that finds yourself feeling like there’s not enough for everyone or yourself.

These are the stories, and we want to learn to identify them, become aware of them, and understand them. In the light of awareness, these harmful stories can dissolve and we learn
to let them go. Come to believe and have faith that all is well within you. Come to believe and have faith in the unknown, where new and amazing stories are yet to be created.



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