You’re a Natural. You just don’t know it

You have instincts. You have amazing powers of observation; you just stopped listening to them. You just stop using them.
That’s what we’re learning to do now. We learn to turn back in to our instincts, our intuition and respond from them. When we do that, we become very a powerful and empowered person. We become a very present person. And as we become a present person, we actually develop a thing called presence, that thing that magnetically pulls others to us.
When we begin to engage our observation, notice things in the world around us, and then we begin to use them as our tool to connect with others, we become very powerful and we unleash the natural within us.
Of course, it starts with self love, self acceptance as we are right now whether you’re too thin, too fat, too rich, too poor, etc. and then we go out from there. If you accept yourself, if you say to yourself, I like being me; you won’t have negative thoughts buzzing around your brain. You’ll be free to fully engage your powers of observation. You’ll be able to listen carefully to what she’s saying. You’ll find out what makes her tick. Then you can go out and respond from your instincts and engage your observation.
For example, you’re walking down the street, and you see a group of girls talking. And they all say Ciao to each other as they walk away. You tune in and you’re walking by and you say “Ciao”, and she gives those laughs because you were listening to what was happening in the environment and you use it immediately. It only makes sense to this moment.
This is a guy who’s present, and then you unleash your natural charisma, your natural charm. Some people are really animated, and some are really chill and still, but it’s natural. It’s not suppressing, it’s just a natural flow. And that’s engaging to others because it’s you, your Authentic self. We’re unleashing it. You don’t have to become someone else; you don’t have to wear fuzzy bunny slippers or top hats. All you have to do is unleash the natural within you.



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