Where Are You Operating From?

Where is the place that all your actions and the words that fly out of your mouth are coming from?

It’s somewhere in the belief systems. Somewhere in your core, your essence. Your core beliefs. Your core trusts in yourself. Your trust in other human beings, and your trust in the universe. It’s somewhere in there.

It might be muddy.

You might have a core belief that the world is what you get. You get what you can take. Everyone’s out for themselves. Everyone’s out to get me, so I’m going to get them first.

Or you might have a fundamental belief, like a lot of people, that the world does not have enough.

This is a common belief.

It’s the opposite of believing in abundance, that there’s more than enough, that your cup is overflowing.

It’s the belief that only some people can have it all, only some people can have true love, only some people can have all the wealth and travel the world.

They’re the shining star. Only some people can have a great apartment, only some people. There’s not enough for everybody. Not everyone can live a beautiful abundant life.

Maybe I’m one of those people who just has to be mediocre or has to take it as it comes, so I’ll just fight for what’s mine and to hell with the rest.

But if that’s your core belief, if that’s where you’re operating from, then you’re going to take small actions, petty actions. And you’ll be going forward in a mediocre way.

You’ll find that you’ll get what you believe in. You’ll find that people are nasty, people are out to get you, people are on the take. People are taking from you. Everyone’s got an angle. If that’s what you believe, that’s what you’ll find.

But are you operating from there too? Is that what you have, an angle?

Are you out to get what you can, to take from everybody?

You have to look at where you’re operating from. When it comes down to men meeting women and women meeting men, a lot of people are operating from a world of “lacking.”

That’s where the big nasty capital letters, MANIPULATION, comes in. Manipulation tactics come into play.

Like for example, I’ll do this so I can get that. I’m going to put her down so then she’ll want me. Or I’m going to not call him back for three days, then he’ll start chasing me.

These are all manipulation tactics, and if you really look at your own value system, you might not even believe that’s a nice thing to do.

But you want what you’re going to get, because the world is not enough, and you’ve got something on the line. And this is how you get what you want because this is how it’s done.

When you’re operating from a world of lacking, then you start taking manipulative actions. Or if you’re operating from feeling like there’s not enough out there for me, and I am not enough, then when you say ‘hi’ to people, and they ask you about you, you’re operating from a place of low self-esteem.

There is a powerful, positive place to operate from. Having self love, appreciation of the self. Appreciation of who you are at the core; if you are fundamentally a good person and your intentions are clear.

And let go.

What do you need to let go of?


Fear that there is not enough, that you are not enough. Fear that there is not enough for you, so you’ll have to take some from others.

Where are you operating from?

Are you operating from a corrupt file, a corrupt system, mal ware, hurting people just so you can get what you want… hurting people before they hurt you?

Are you standing in a place that you’re going to be open and vulnerable and trust in yourself? Trust in life. Trust in others. Trust in the universe. Trust in the world. It’s unfolding as it should, and it’s good.

Where are you operating from?

This is a fundamental question.

You might ask yourself each and every day. Are your intentions clear? Are you operating from a beautiful place. Can you stand there and can you give to another. Give them what they need. Not just so you can get something, but because they need it, and you have it, and you’re strong enough to give it to them. Even if they never return anything. Give someone a compliment. Give someone love when they need it. Are you strong enough to do that?

That’s the kind of person that becomes a great person. When you’re operating from there, you’re operating from greatness.

Where are you operating from? Ask yourself that question. And get yourself in line.

Someone once told me that God, or the universe, or whatever you want to call it, he has three responses whenever you ask him anything.

The first thing, he says:
Yes you can have that.

The second thing he says:
Yes you can have that, but not right now.

The third thing he says is:
No. You can’t have that, because I got something even better.

When he said that to me, I smiled. I lit up and I loved him. I think of that often. Some people might think that’s hokey, but I don’t believe so.

It’s the belief that God is good and he’s working for you, and that the universe is good.

So you need to become the best, and live the best life you can.

All you’ve got to do is align.

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