The One Thing You Need To Do To Create Real Transformation

If you want to be amazing at anything, if there is an area of your life that you really would love to change, or you looked at someone else’s life and thought, “I wish I had that, I wish I was like that.”

Well, you can have and be that. I’ll bet you that person did one very important thing at some point in their life, and they immersed themselves totally in the subject that they wanted to become great at.

My first acting teacher and mentor, Sydney Kay, was a true Zen master. He always had pearls of wisdom. One of the things he said was, “Show me a success, and I’ll show you a fanatic.”

“Show me a success and I’ll show you a fanatic.”

At one point, that person had to be fanatical about what they wanted to be great at! In any area that I am a success in, I became a fanatic at one point, whether it’s my diet, whether it’s my thirst for knowing what the healthiest, purest food is, and what’s best for my body, I’m fanatical about it. When I wanted to be a great connector, at one point, it’s all I cared about. All I focused on was meeting and connecting with women and being great at it, and getting to a point where I was fearless doing it.

Whether it’s developing my business, I am immersed in it. Anybody I know who’s great at anything at one point immersed themselves in it and became obsessed.

Immersed and yet, having fun all along the way. That doesn’t mean that if sometimes we hit a snag, we just stop. We figure out the solution, and even that becomes fun. That doesn’t mean we are always smiling, but we’re absolutely immersed. We’re totally saturated, information saturated, and thinking about it constantly.

Even when we see a movie, we don’t just come out and say man, that movie was awesome, it was fun — and it was — we relate it back to our own lives and what we’re creating now. That’s what sports are for. If you’re not going to be a football player, what does it mean to you? It’s to inspire you to be the best you can be in your life. And movies, too, inspire you to create something as good as a super inspiring movie.

So saturate yourself. Immerse yourself in a subject that you’re really fascinated with and go all the way in. See where that takes you. See if that doesn’t break through all the walls that feel like they’re blocking you from being who you want to be.

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