The 5 Day Transformation Course – In Miami – January 2015

Hi Friend,

Change you personal, social and dating life now! Join me and an Amazing group of guys in South Beach, Miami this January!

I will be Releasing more details and a Special Very Limited offer on Sunday

“The 5 Day Transformation Course”

In the meantime, here’s an interview with me to answer a few questions you might have about my new 5 Day Transformation Course:

Q: As a student, what do I get?

A: You will embark on a 5 day, lifestyle transformation led by world renowned dating coach John Keegan and his arsenal of top class coaches. Throughout this journey, you will become playful, spontaneous, adventurous, free flowing around women while effortlessly connect with them anywhere and everywhere. You will learn to tune into your deepest instincts, ease into your own body, become confident, fearless, and most importantly, authentic with your interactions with women. With the intimate guidance of John Keegan, you will learn the cornerstone of Zen dating and to move beyond your limiting beliefs and allow a wealth of abundance to naturally flow into your life.
Q: Why should I take the 5 day transformation course?

A: Because it is time to take control of your own dating life and take your communication skills to the next level. This class is not only focused on meeting and dating beautiful women, it is also about creating the affluence of abundance that enables us to connect with other people confidently and effortlessly. You will learn to create an infinite numbers of options and develop a social practice that will be with you for the rest of your life. This course is not for the faint hearted – It is for those who are finally ready to take on the responsibility of being a man.
What exactly will I learn?
This course will offer a wealth of knowledge on how to meet and connect with beautiful women anywhere and anytime. You will be in field with John Keegan and meet women in the park, the bookstore, tea shops, clothing stores, and streets…etc. You perspectives on social interaction will evolve, and you will connect with women naturally and authentically. You will also have the chance to receive fashion tips from a world class fashion coach, role play with actresses, and strengthen your new mindset with meditation gurus. Keep in mind this course is more than meeting women – it is about changing your life and creating a wealth of abundance inside and out.

Q: When does the class start?

A: January 2015 (exact dates TBA)

Q: I am a beginner, is this class the right one for me?

A: Absolutely. This class is designed to build a solid foundation to your social life and your ability to meet and connect with women. John will guide you through breaking the ice, starting/keeping interesting conversations, being playful and fun, and asking girls out. He will teach female psychology and how to build a physical relationship. You will receive valuable information not only on various conversational techniques, but also your perception on beauty, harmony, and romance. In this journey, John will challenge you to think for yourself in order to inspire you to create the life you want to live.

Q: I am intermediate/advanced and have attended many other seminars. What value will I get by taking this course?

A: You will learn to further tune into your deepest instincts and truly grasp the idea that the only way to create a beautiful relationship with other people is through a beautiful relationship with yourself. You will let go of the technique based interactions to a natural, authentic way of connecting with women. You will attract an abundance of women who wants to be around you for who you are. You will evolve and take a giant leap towards mastery over meeting and connecting with people.

Ok, so sunday Morning I will be releasing more details.

I hope you’re as excited as I am.

Stay tuned for the next email…

PS. There is no other course As effective on Planet Earth : )

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