I’ve been sharing A lot about the “Way you Be” now I want to connect that to “What you Do”. This is how you can break the ice with any women no matter what situation you find yourself. Wether you are walking down the street, in the bookstore, supermarket, train, coffee shop, lounge, or any place you can imagine yourself, this will always be the most powerful way to start a conversation with her.

The Secret to breaking the ice with any women, anytime, anywhere is revealed.  Its so simple, yet most men never figure it out.  They let women after women walk by them and then they berate themselves after.  Below I share the way to connect with women effortlessly, authentically, and infinitely.

2 thoughts on “The Path To Authenticity Part IX: Master Breaking the Ice, Any Time, With Anyone, Anywhere”

  1. Man, that’s some awesome advice! It feels weird to give compliments like this because nobody does it, so you don’t really know what kind of response you’ll get. But you’re right, nobody doing it is a good thing “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”.

    I’ll enjoy trying to do this, even if I’m afraid of it.
    Any suggestion to not care what other people around me think? Do you have any advice to blend them out (like, on the street, bus station…)?

  2. Hey Robin, The biggest prison we can live in is the fear of what other people think. You don’t need to concern yourself about what other people are doing or thinking. You know whats right and what feels good. It’s right to respond from your higher instincts and its right say what you see and feel. The way to tune out the noise is to focus on what matters….the girl you want to connect with. Pay attention to her and be curious about her, and everything else will fade away.

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