It’s our ability to observe our world around us, our ability to observe the people in it; and exactly what’s happening with them at this moment in time; and our ability to say what we see to her, in just the right way, at just the right moment, is our ability to connect.


We want to develop our powers of observation, and the more we use them, the more present we become, which is the greatest state to be in, and the more presence we’ll have.

Today, sit in a cafe.  Observe the people around you. Notice what they’re wearing. Notice how what they’re wearing matches or doesn’t match.  Make an inference about what that might mean about how their day’s going or about their overall personality. If every little thing matches perfectly, maybe it means they’re very detail-oriented. Maybe it means…

 they’re very fastidious. Maybe it means they like everything just right. And don’t be afraid. Take risks, and just let your imagination go wild.

Look at the people as they walk down the street. Look in their eyes, and make an inference. What do you think they’re feeling right now? Maybe make a story about their lives, the kind of person that they are. Don’t be afraid. Trust your insights. Make a lot of little observations, and just make them today.  Just become aware of them.

Start noticing the world around you, and watch how the people walk, even the way their steps move. What does it mean the way they walk? Do they waddle from side to side, or do they walk with purpose and forward motion? Do they walk with their head down, or do they walk with their head high, or do they walk with their head just even? What does it all mean?

Today we want to take our observations and just make them. Take this time, and go around and observe — what they’re wearing, what they’re doing, what they’re saying, what they’re feeling, how they are being. Listen to the words they use, and let yourself make inferences. You don’t have to do anything today other than observe.

Enjoy your observations.

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